April 18, 2019
views on hearing loss

Two young women share how their views on hearing loss have changed

Phonak hEARo Ashley and HLM editor Kirsten recently met in person for the first time after an online friendship was built from their mutual love for travel and understanding of what it means to be a hard of hearing girl
April 3, 2019

More people are adding captions to Instagram stories, here’s how you can too

Instagram stories are one of the most popular features of Instagram, but most aren’t accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people.

When videos are posted on Instagram, there isn’t an automatic option to add in captions, but there still …

February 19, 2019
community learns sign language

Community learns sign language for deaf two year old

Two-year-old Samatha (Sam) Savitz loves to chat with all her neighbors, but using sign language rather than words.

Sam is deaf and is learning American Sign Language (ASL) as her main method of communication. …

October 25, 2018
robin gillon

Professional skier Robin Gillon shares his hearing loss journey

Robin Gillon never let his hearing loss hold him back from becoming a professional skier. 

The 24-year-old was born severely deaf and has been climbing the ranks in his professional skiing career. He ranked in the top five skiers in …

October 19, 2018
ASL stickers

You can now add ASL stickers to your messages using the Gboard app!

Google recently announced that with the design help from Phonak hEARo Jessica Flores, they were able to create American Sign Language (ASL) stickers! 

Nowadays emojis and gifs, serve as text enhancements and are a large part of online communication. The …

September 27, 2018
hearing loss film

‘Eight Stories About Hearing Loss’: An upcoming film aiming to change perceptions of disabilities

What does it feel like to have hearing loss?

Argentinian filmmaker Charo Mato, takes us into the eyes and ears of people living with hearing loss in her upcoming film “Eight stories about hearing loss.”…

August 15, 2018

Watch: Baby hears mom for the first time and can’t stop smiling

Baby Alex Denman heard his mother’s voice for the first time with his new Phonak Sky hearing aids and his eyes immediately lit up with happiness.

The 5-month-old was born with a bilateral moderate sensorineural hearing loss, which was discovered …

July 3, 2018
hard of hearing photographer

Photographer tells hearing loss stories through latest photo series

Photographer Dalton Stiles wants to show the unique experience of living with hearing loss through the power of photography in his latest project series “Can you hear me?”

Dalton’s inspiration to start this project stemmed from his own his own …

June 19, 2018
Google duplex help the deaf and hard of hearing community

Will Google Duplex help the deaf and hard of hearing community?

Google recently announced that its new AI system, Google Duplex, will be able to conduct conversations to complete tasks over the phone. 

This was interesting news for the deaf and hard of hearing community because many people in the community …

May 23, 2018
unilateral hearing loss

Community spotlight: Callie’s hearing aid helps her hear like a superhero

Hearing loss in one ear, or unilateral hearing loss, can often go unnoticed in children until they are in a classroom or more social environments. This was the case of seven-year-old Callie.

When Callie Huerta was born, she had a …

May 10, 2018

Deaf circus artist soars above obstacles to achieve his goals

25-year-old Jason Brügger dreamed about being a circus artist since he was a child. As he was on his path to becoming a circus artist, he experienced sudden hearing loss from a severe inner ear infection. 

“The doctors advised me …

March 16, 2018
Oscher Günsberg's hearing loss

The Bachelor host: ‘I’m not rude, I’m deaf’

Osher Günsberg, the 43-year-old host of Austrailia’s The Bachelor, has been opening up about the communication challenges he has with his hearing loss, revealing more about his hearing loss journey. 

During an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald. Osher described …

February 20, 2018

Review: ‘This Close’ sparks important discussions on complexities of deafness

“This Close,” the first Hollywood TV series to have deaf writers, producers,and creators, is setting a bar for future shows to reach in terms of representation.

The show, which debuted on Sundance Now last week, is breaking the mold for …

February 9, 2018
equestrian with hearing loss

Community Spotlight: Nine-year-old equestrian rides into a new world of sound with her hearing aid

Nine-year-old Rayna is living out her passion for riding while enjoying her new world of sound after receiving her first hearing aid.

Rayna has both hearing loss and Tourette’s syndrome but doesn’t let her disabilities hold her back. She thrives …

February 1, 2018

TV series ‘This Close’ starring two deaf actors premieres February 14

The show “This Close” is premiering February 14 and will be the first Hollywood TV series to have deaf writers, producers, and creators.

This is huge progress and we hope that this sets the standard for TV series and movies …

January 24, 2018
resources for deaf parents - The Deaf Mama

‘The Deaf Mama’ helps parents find accessible products, inspires self-advocacy

After Emily found out she was pregnant, like most moms, she began to build her baby registry. As she looked for baby monitors, she noticed that they all relied on hearing. Where were the resources for deaf and hard of
January 22, 2018

Celebrating the diversity of deafness

What does it mean to be Deaf, deaf or hard of hearing?

Whether you are heavily involved in the Deaf/deaf/hard of hearing community, just learning about it, or somewhere in between, we would like to celebrate the diversity of deafness …

November 7, 2017
deaf celebrities

Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown joins list of celebrities opening up about hearing loss

Thirteen-year-old actress Millie Bobby Brown has gained international attention for her role as Eleven in the hit science fiction-horror Netflix series, but recently she been in the news for another topic: her hearing loss.

In a recent interview with Variety

November 2, 2017
cool hearing aids

NEWSFLASH: Hearing aids ARE cool!

It’s time we talk about something important. We need to change the narrative about hearing aids.

It’s time people start complimenting how awesome hearing aids are, not commenting under their breath about their discreetness. We want people to stop thinking …

November 1, 2017

Why I love being part of a hearing loss community

Recently, I was lucky enough to join the Here to Hear Tour for a few days. During my time there I met up with fellow “Phonak hEARos.” Spending time with these inspirational individuals reminded me why having a