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January 17, 2020
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January 21, 2020

The new “Hearable” hearing aids: Phonak Virto Black

Phonak Virto Black

Phonak is releasing a new custom hearing aid that is packed with useful features that prove hearing loss is nothing to hide. With the latest technology – including Bluetooth connectivity, automatic program adjustment, and a sleek new style, the Phonak Virto Black is the hearing aid industry’s answer to a “hearable” society.

What’s new and special about the Phonak Virto Black “hearable” hearing aid? This article explains more:


The Phonak Virto Black hearing aid has Bluetooth connectivity giving users the freedom to take calls through their hearing aids. They can also stream music, podcasts, and other media.

For example, when the wearer’s phone starts ringing they can easily accept or reject the call by pressing a button on their hearing aid. Users don’t have to worry about having their phone by their side or being interrupted during a conversation.

Not only can this hearing aid connect to your devices, but it also is compatible with Phonak Roger accessories. This means users can stream sound from their Roger system directly to their Virto Black hearing aids. Also, they no longer have to wear a ComPilot or behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids receivers in order to use Roger.

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This is the first Phonak in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid to connect directly to Roger.

The Virto Black is the first Phonak in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid to connect directly to Roger.

Rise of “hearables”

The last time Phonak launched a custom hearing aid, it was the smallest custom hearing aid that Phonak has ever made. Now Phonak is going bolder, with an ITE style hearing aid that looks similar to a hearable or wireless earbud headphone.

New Phonak in-the-ear hearing aid“Hearables” and wireless earbuds are becoming more popular as technology advances. They are most commonly used for enjoying media with a noise-canceling feature.  However, one of the most common problems with “hearables” or wireless earbuds is that they don’t fit well in your ear. This is because each ear is unique and there is not a uniform earbud to fit all ears.

Users of the Phonak Virto Black, won’t have this problem, as the hearing aid shell is custom made for their ear. This ensures their hearing aid will stay in place when they are exercising or laying down.

Hearing aid pride

A majority of the HearingLikeMe community is proud to show off their hearing aids breaking the hearing aid stigma. With the announcement of the Vito Black, Phonak has taken this into consideration.

“A recent survey of more than 600 non-hearing aid wearers worldwide with hearing loss revealed a majority would choose Virto Black in comparison to traditional in-the-ear hearing aids,” according to Phonak,

The survey showed that people are more willing to have their hearing aids visible. It also may encourage people to be fit with hearing aids sooner rather than later. On average a person waits seven years to get hearing technology after learning about their hearing loss. This can change through tearing down stigmas and embracing the new technology available.

“On average a person waits seven years to get hearing technology after learning about their hearing loss.”


If you suspect you might have hearing loss, the Phonak Virto Black hearing aid could be a great choice for you. Especially if you are a music or podcast lover. By wearing this hearing aid, you’ll be up to date with the latest technology. You’ll also benefit your mental and hearing health by becoming involved in the world of sound again.

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The Virto Black hearing aid will be available in the US February 19 through licensed hearing care professionals. To learn more, visit Phonak.com to talk to an audiologist. 

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