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Study: Lipreading may be good for cochlear implant users

Is lipreading good for cochlear implant users? 

Despite some theories that visual cues may hamper auditory processing, researchers say a new study shows lipreading may have a beneficial effect on a person’s brain and their ability to hear with a cochlear implant.

Researchers at the National Institute for Health Research Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre conducted a first-of-its-kind study to measure cochlear implant users’ brain activities while lipreading. The study examined the changes in brain responses before and after implementation.

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What is single-sided hearing?

When you enter the world of hearing loss, it feel as though you are expected to learn a new language. There is so much jargon to get used to: ‘unilateral’, ‘sensorineural’, ‘conductive’, ‘profound’, ‘CROS’… the list goes on. 

When I first started experiencing hearing loss, I became aware of a new language. It was one I did not understand. Who knew that hearing loss came with a language of its own? I had to look up so many terms to understand what the doctors were talking about: I needed a glossary. Here is a list of the terms defined and three solutions to single-sided hearing.

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Why I was born at the perfect time to have a hearing loss

What a time to be hard of hearing. I often contemplate the fact that I was born at the right time to have a hearing loss. If I was alive 100 years ago, or even just born 30 years earlier I would have a much harder time going about life.

In this day and age of technology, there are many assistive devices out there that enable me to hear more and communicate with people. Right now, the best technology for hearing loss exists.

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Thinking About Schools for my Deaf Child

My son will start school in September 2018, which for some may seem quite far away, but the time to pick a school is fast approaching and I just don’t feel quite ready.

For many parents of children with hearing loss, choosing a school for your deaf child can be overwhelming.

Should we send him to a mainstream school or deaf school? What is the best hearing technology for his classroom? How do I inform his teachers about his hearing loss?

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With amazing support, deaf woman crowned ‘Miss Amazing’

The first child in the state of Illinois – and one of the first in the USA – to be implanted with an Advanced Bionics body worn speech processor was recently crowned Miss Amazing California.

I first met Megan Swanson, a now 27-year-old with a profound, bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, when she was two. Her family visited me to provide Auditory-Verbal therapy.

Although I do not recall the conversation I first had with her parents 25 years ago, I am confident I began by asking, “What is your vision for Megan’s future?” Their dreams had been shattered months before when Megan’s hearing loss was diagnosed. They were told that Megan will never speak, sing or dance.

Karen says she remembers thinking: just watch us prove you wrong.

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My child has had cochlear implants for 2 years. Here’s 4 things I’ve noticed

This month marks Harry’s hearing birthday, meaning he has been hearing now through his cochlear implants for two years!

I really have nothing but positive news for you in this little update on Harry’s hearing progress. Not only has my toddler naturally grown into a little, strapping lad, but his behavior, speech, language and communication skills have also come on leaps and bounds. He seemed to settle into life with a cochlear implant almost instantly, and he loves to hear so much.  In fact his favourite thing to say is “what’s that sound?!”

“…his favourite thing to say is ‘what’s that sound?!'”

Here are four things I’ve noticed so far with Harry, after two years with his cochlear implants:

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