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5 Ways to Celebrate a “Hearing Birthday”

My son’s cochlear implant has changed all of our lives, especially his, so we like to mark his ”hearing birthday” with a little celebration every year. 

I can’t believe he has been hearing now for almost 2 years! (I also can’t believe I have a three-year-old!) Time has zoomed by, but we have had already so many special moments of him hearing. 

Here are some of my favorite ways to celebrate his hearing birthday:

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How to prepare your child for a cochlear implant

So you found out your child has severe hearing loss.

Maybe you discovered it during a newborn hearing screening, or maybe they were already a few months old and not responding to your voice.  Your child might already have hearing aids, or you might be discussing with an audiologist about getting your child fit with a cochlear implant. 

You and your child may just be embarking on their hearing journey, and it may seem overwhelming. Especially because it could take months or even years before your child can be considered and then fit with a cochlear implant. But there are still a lot of things you can do to prepare them for being implanted, and help develop their communication skills long before activation day.

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What you should know about my son’s cochlear implant

I am constantly being flooded with questions about Harry’s cochlear implant.

Whilst I am so happy and comfortable answering them, I know that some parents of children with hearing technology find it hard to talk about or explain to someone about them. Especially those whom have never had experience with a cochlear implant user before.

In this post I am going to cover common questions I am asked, and tell you the best way that I answer them!

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Ask Anna: Will an operation restore my hearing?

Ask Anna is a weekly advice column for the hearing loss community. 

Dear Anna,

I’m 19 years old and I’ve worn hearing aids on both of my ears since I was 3 years old. With my hearing aids, I can hear 78 percent and without them 50 percent. I was just wondering, is there any way to get the hearing back? An operation? – Caroline in Denmark 

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7 Tips for Travelling with a Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing Child

As much as I love traveling abroad, it can be a daunting experience taking a toddler or child on a plane to another country – even more daunting if you’re travelling with a deaf child.  However,there are things that you can do to ensure your trip runs smoothly, so that you and your little one feel comfortable.

As you may know, my son Harry is profoundly deaf, but with the help of bilateral AB cochlear implants he is able to hear! There are still times, however, that we need to be a bit more ‘deaf aware’, especially when communicating things like where we are going and how we will be getting there.

Here are a few handy tips that I have found useful when travelling with my deaf child:

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(dis)ABLED BEAUTY: The Evolution of Beauty, Disability and Ability

A new art exhibition at Kent State University in Ohio, USA is celebrating  highly designed assistive devices, adaptive devices, and apparel for those living with disabilities. Hearing Like Me blogger, Angie Aspinall asks the curators, Audiologist, Stacey Lim and fashion expert, Tameka Ellington about their inspiration for the exhibition and the process of pulling it all together.

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