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This NFL executive is talking about hearing loss to break down stigmas

Vice President of the Chicago Bears is speaking out about his hearing loss, in hopes of inspiring others to address their hearing troubles and reduce the stigmas around hearing aids. 

Brian McCaskey, who lost his hearing due to complications from Meniere’s Disease, told the Chicago Tribune of his struggle with hearing loss, and how technology “saved him.”

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How to decorate hearing aids like Jessica Flores

It’s 9:13 in the morning, and comedian D.J. Demers is live-streaming with Facebook fans on Day 8 of the Here To Hear Tour, as he sits in the hotel courtyard in San Francisco, California.

D.J. a comedian who has been wearing hearing aids since age four, has his beige Phonak Naida hearing aids propped behind his ears like usual. Today, however, those beige hearing aids will be getting a makeover, thanks to YouTuber and “Phonak hEARo” Jessica Flores.

“I’m not going to say I’m nervous, because obviously there’s nothing to be nervous about, but kind of my whole style, not just with me hearing aids, is that I’m trying to be not too in-your-face,” he says. 

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5 Tips For Choosing your Child’s Hearing Aid Ear Molds

I’ll never forget the time when I first saw a child with bold, colorful hearing aids. 

I was at my son’s soccer game when a super-fast, skilled soccer player zoomed past us – with bright blue ear molds in his ears. He was one of the first children with hearing aids that we saw outside of an intentional setting.

We marveled at him, not only for his above-average soccer skills, but also how tough he looked in those stunning blue ear molds. When my son first got his hearing aids, I hadn’t seen colorful ear molds in person so, we went with what seemed like a good choice – clear. But as my son and I watched this confident soccer player, we decided that we too would get bright blue ear molds.

Now,  as a mother that has gone through the process of getting my son hearing aid ear molds many times, I have a few tips I’ve learned along the way.

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Watch: How to decorate your hearing aids

Decorating hearing aids is a great way to show off individual style and increase confidence. Phonak hEARo Jessica Flores walks us through one way to decorate hearing aids. 

“It’s totally up to you if you want to decorate them,” she says. “If you don’t want to decorate them, that’s fine. But while we have them, we might as well make them something that we enjoy wearing!”

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Why I Decorate My Hearing Aids

“What’s that behind your ear?” my customer asked me curiously as I placed her items in a bag.

I immediately stiffened up at the suddenness of the question, then relaxed again just as quickly.

“Oh, it’s a hearing aid,” I replied with a smile.

The customer looked directly at me, frozen on the spot. I knew she hadn’t expected that answer, and her face spelled out shock, confusion, and embarrassment. “Oh I’m sorry…” she began to say, before tailing off into an inaudible whisper. I smiled at her again.

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The Coolest Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Accessories on Instagram

We always want our son Harry to be proud of his cochlear implants, so the cooler they look, the better!  I think customising his hearing technology to his personality is a great idea to help him want to wear them and show them off!

Hearing aids are now available in a variety of colors, but even with traditional beige ones, there are so many ways you can “pimp” your hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Here I have put together a collection of my favourite ways you can do it!

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Community Spotlight: Yuiko’s Custom Designed Hearing Aids

It takes courage to be proud of – what many still view as – a disability. To be able to make people turn their heads and say, “What is that?!” Not because they’re repelled, but because they see something beautiful behind a ear that has caught their eye. 

Yuiko Murakami, an 18-year-old from Japan, has achieved just that. Her custom designed hearing aids are  some of the coolest hearing aids we’ve ever seen.

This is her story:

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