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Hearing aid tattoos and Roger technology

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We talk a lot about wearing hearing aids with pride, but recently we’ve seen more and more people take that concept to a whole other level, with tattoos of their (or their loved ones’) hearing technology.

We especially liked this tattoo of the Phonak Sky Q, shared with us on Instagram:

hearing aid tatoos

Would you get a tattoo of hearing aids, cochlear implants or other signs of deaf culture? You can see more hearing aid tattoos on Phonak’s Pinterest board.

Hearing aid tatoos

Phonak’s Roger Technology has also gotten a lot of attention this week for the many ways it helps people with hearing loss – from a rugby pitch to a classroom.

Mat Gilbert, a deaf rugby union athlete in the UK , was featured on CNN this week, for his “high-tech hidden device has become his personal secret weapon,” the Phonak Roger Pen.



Gilbert uses the Roger Pen to communicate with his coaches and referees, who wear the pen-shaped microphone around their necks, allowing their voice to stream directly to the athlete’s hearing aids.

“It’s like having a mobile phone straight up to your ears,” Gilbert says of the Phonak Roger Pen. “Even if they are 20 meters away, they would appear to be one meter away.”

The Roger Bluetooth technology was also featured in a local news story in San Antonio, Texas, about how teachers there are using the technology to stream their voices to their student’s hearing aids.

“The Roger system allows me to be anywhere in the room, and talk to those kids, and give them directions,” said teacher Shelby Borgelt.


You can learn more about the Phonak Roger Pen, here.  

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