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Finding our place in the hearing loss community with our hard of hearing children

In the beginning of my children’s hearing loss journey, I had no idea the complexity of hearing loss. Frequencies, decibels (dB), audiograms, pitches – were just random words that would eventually form into meaning.

I confess, that with limited understanding of the deaf world, I assumed you were either hearing or deaf. It didn’t occur to me that there was a whole wild world in-between. 

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Why you should know the history of special education

Today, there are many supports that are legally in place to accommodate students with hearing loss, but that wasn’t always the case.
If we were to travel back in time a little over 100 years ago, we would see a sight that would turn our stomachs. A child that had intellectual or physical disabilities would have had no access to school or would have been institutionalized. The current special education system in the United States is a product of many different events and influences that have occurred throughout the years. Both political and social issues have played a significant role in the evolution of special education. Specifically, the key players have been parent advocates and the civil rights movement.

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Why I am grateful for my children’s hearing loss

“If you want to find happiness, find gratitude” – Steve Maraboli. Practicing gratitude has been a goal for my family over the past year. One way we have done this is by sharing each day with each other what we are thankful for. This has led me to realize reasons why I am grateful for how my children’s hearing loss has changed our family.

Our gratitude practice typically happens at the dinner table. We go around sharing one thing we are grateful for. We can name something big or small. Taking time to name what we are thankful for has a calming and powerful impact on all of us. We have found that when are intentional about naming what we are grateful for our perspective shifts, our feelings about our circumstance change, and our fear and anxiety decrease.

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How I teach self-advocacy to my hard of hearing children

When you think of your child, what do you dream for them in the future? A strong, independent, successful adult is most likely embedded into what you want for your child one day. Teaching your child with hearing loss how to be a self-advocate for themselves is foundational to your dream and their own dreams for their future.

Let me start off by confessing one thing – this concept is hard for me. Not because I don’t believe in the value of self-advocacy, but because I am a fighter myself. As a tiger momma and will fight to the end for my kids. I feel proud of that part of me. However, the tiger in me can keep me from letting my children see the tiger in themselves.

Marianne Richmond’s infamous children’s book called, “If I could keep you little…” beautifully illustrates the need for our children to learn, grow, and fight for themselves. On each page of Richmond’s book shares the lessons that are learned when we let go and let our children become. One page writes, “If I could keep you little, I’d kiss your cuts and scrapes, but then I’d miss you learning from your own mistakes.” When we as parents, let go and let our children become, we enable the skill of self-advocacy to take place. This act, allows for our children to become who they dream to be; who they were meant to be.

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This is how my children reacted to my hearing loss

As an adult newly diagnosed with hearing loss, I knew I would be able to count on the full and complete support of my family. What I didn’t anticipate was the way the news about my hearing loss, and subsequent reality, would affect my children.

When I was first diagnosed with hearing loss, my family’s initial reaction was mild amusement. I received a lot of those, ‘I told you so’ comments, but the overall feeling was one of optimism.

When I came home with two hearing aids, the reaction was somewhat different.

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Why using Roger technology at home benefits my hard of hearing child

The day our son’s teacher let us take home the Phonak Roger FM System, was the day we realized this vital piece of technology needed to be used not just at school, but at home too.

Our son, Ayden, has mild to severe hearing loss in both ears that was identified at birth. When he turned three, he received an IEP plan (Individualized Education Plan). For Ayden to be successful in an inclusive classroom he needed a number of vital pieces. An inclusive classroom has both mainstream students and students with IEP’s. Included in his IEP plan were two essential pieces: The Roger FM transmitter, and a Hearing Itinerant.

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4 tips for preparing your deaf child for the school year

Feelings of excitement of the new school year are here, but covering the excitement is a blanket of nerves. 

I am sure most parents are celebrating the added hours of freedom that comes with their children going back to school.  But for Ayden, my son with hearing loss, my heart sinks as my anxiety gets the best of me. 

I feel it there – the joy of a few hours a day of a little less noise and a few more accomplished goals, but as a mother of children with special needs, the beginning of the school year has an added weight.

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How I found the answer to ‘What caused my son’s hearing loss?’

“What caused the hearing loss?” The one question that continued to circle around us when we first found out our son is hard of hearing. 

We were shocked. Ayden was the first child to have hearing loss in our family. Nobody we knew was deaf or hard-of-hearing. My pregnancy was healthy and normal. My delivery was great. Ayden was full term and was a healthy growing baby boy. How could this happen? 

And how could we answer this question?

What caused the hearing loss?

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