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Phonak hEARo, Phil is an author, journalist and therapist, living on the beautiful North Yorkshire coast with his wife Raine and their three children. Phil was diagnosed in 2016 with mild to moderate Sensorineural hearing loss in both ears and tinnitus. He uses Phonak silver digital hearing aids with automatic volume controls.

Why you’re never too old to try hearing aids

Walk down any busy street and you will see a plethora of people engaged in their technology. Specifically, their mobile phones.

It’s sometimes surprising when we notice a number of these people plugged into cyberspace fall into the 70-80 age bracket.

It shouldn’t really be a shock to think of the so-called older generation being interested and invested in new tech. As age, as the whole, has little to do with abilities and interests. 

However, there is a downside to this. It is the simple fact that there is a significant figure within these age parameters that take the completely opposite viewpoint and find the whole idea of technology abhorrent in the extreme.

If the technology in question was only related to mobile phones it wouldn’t be that big a deal. However, this problem goes much further and a lot deeper and includes why many people don’t wear their hearing aids.

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5 tips to prepare for social outings with hearing loss

Having hearing loss doesn’t ever have to be a curse on your social life.

The important thing is to make certain that you are well informed and as prepared as possible before going out on social outings. Having hearing loss doesn’t have to change the person you are. Using a little extra thought can change the way you experience all the important moments in your life.

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What are hearing loops and how well do they work?

A hearing loop also called an Induction Loop is a sound system created for use by the hard of hearing in various public places such as a shop, office, church, theatre or stations. 
When everything works as it should, hearing loops can be extremely helpful and a joy to use. However, at times problems can make using them more than simply an effort. 

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Researchers find a drug combination that could regenerate ear hair cells

Researchers in American wondered why certain creatures have the natural ability to regenerate parts which have ceased to function. Lizards can grow lost limbs and even sharks grow brand new teeth sets. However, when it comes to humans, nothing like this appears to happen.
As things turned out, we as humans do possess an ability to regenerate cells in our intestines. A similarity between these cells in the intestine and cells found in the cochlea led researchers working at MIT, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Massachusetts Eye and Ear to discover that a cocktail of drugs injected into this area can cause hair regrowth, something previously assumed impossible.

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A year on my hearing loss journey

My hearing loss journey started a little over a year ago and I can’t believe the ups and downs I went through to get to where I am today. 

Going from having normal hearing all your life to suddenly losing it, is an experience that is only relatable if you have gone through it. Even if it is just a small loss, the effects of the experience of learning about your hearing loss, getting fit with hearing aids and readjusting back to normal life are significant.

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Can hearing loss make you less empathic?

When we think of using our hearing aids, we tend to think of clarity, loudness and sensitivity.

We home in on hearing the words spoken to us clearly, so that we can respond in kind.

However, a recent study reports on an important question for those who experience hearing loss: is it enough just to hear words, or do we need to also understand the emotional intent behind them?

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Why social support is crucial for those with hearing loss

How important is having support when we first discover our hearing loss? 

When one of our family or friends is hard of hearing, it usually becomes something of an inside joke. The challenge over time becomes part of the fabric of our lives. Something to smile about. Just a sign of age and nothing to worry about.

Admitting to ourselves that someone we love has a problem that we can’t fix, can be difficult for people. The fact that older people newly diagnosed will have in most cases struggled with hearing loss for a number of years before seeking help only adds to the problem.

This is why social support is crucial for people with hearing loss.

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Being the Change: How to End Hearing Loss Prejudice

It is often said that people fear what they do not understand. This is never truer than when they are confronted with an unknown difference in another person.

Time and time again, society distances itself from those it views as different. The media does nothing to change this, and in fact, usually acts in ways to reinforce stereotypical behavior already in-place.

Why is there prejudice where hearing loss is concerned? The answer to this question is very simple. We only have to look back at our recent history to get an idea where the current prevalent mindset originated.

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