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Ellie Parfitt
Ellie was born profoundly deaf, uses verbal communication, lipreads and wears Phonak hearing aids. She is currently learning British Sign Language. Ellie hasn’t let her disability stand in the way and embraces every new challenge. Her deafness didn't prevent her from achieving major accomplishments in her life, such as excelling in her education, working as a Marketing Executive for a Spa & Health Club, Events and Promotions Staff for a local newspaper as well as blogging for Hearing Like Me. She is passionate about deaf awareness, campaigning for equality and helping others through her personal blog as Deafie Blogger.

4 Tips for cooking with hearing loss

The sizzling of bacon, the bubbling pops of water boiling, the splash of oil on a hot pan. 
You may not realize it, but there are a lot of sounds that go with the smells of a kitchen. Those sounds can tell you a lot about food, such as when it’s time to turn down the heat on the stove or add a new ingredient to the dish. For someone with hearing loss, cooking can be a challenge. But I’ve learned some ways to cope without hearing in the kitchen.  Here are four tips for cooking in the kitchen with hearing loss:

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Nyle DiMarco’s twin brother, Nico, proves Deaf can DJ

You’ve probably heard of Nyle DiMarco, the Deaf male model and winner of America’s Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars, but what’s even more awesome is that he has a twin brother, Nico DiMarco, who is a music lover and successful DJ. 

Can deaf people enjoy music?

It’s a common question and misconception that people with hearing loss can’t fully enjoy music, but Nico DiMaro, who has severe to profound hearing loss and communicates with sign language, says undoubtedly, “yes!” and he’s even turned his passion into a career. 

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4 tips for driving with hearing loss

There’s a myth that deaf people can’t drive… I’m not sure why people think that.  I would say that we definitely CAN drive and drive very well.

Driving can be be more challenging with a hearing loss, as it requires more visual concentration, but there are some techniques that make it easier. 

Here are four common scenarios and tips that I’ve found make it easier to drive with hearing loss:

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How to choose a deaf-friendly bank

When you are deaf, deciding on a bank is more than what financial services the bank has to offer. It is also about accessibility. 

It’s not always easy to know which bank will meet our individual needs, especially in regards to customer services and communication methods.

When looking into services for deaf people on bank’s websites, accessibility isn’t always easy to spot. Here are some tips for finding a deaf-friendly bank:

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Can my child learn to play a musical instrument with their hearing loss?

I always say that anything is possible in life, although it would be a perfectly understandable assumption for people to think that some activities could be too difficult for deaf people.

Some might believe that music isn’t the easiest medium for deaf or hard of hearing people to access, but luckily there are many inspirational deaf musicians, such as Mandy Harvey, Sean Forbes and Evelyn Glennie who are fantastic ambassadors and proof that music can be enjoyable to all.

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