May 1, 2023
Deaf Awareness Week

UK Deaf Awareness Week 2023

In the United Kingdom this year, Deaf Awareness Week takes place from May 1-7. This year, the theme is deaf inclusion. The theme aims to highlight how hearing loss impacts […]
September 19, 2022
inclusive community

Deaf Awareness Week 2022: Building an inclusive community

It’s that time again! September 19-25, 2022 is Deaf Awareness Week. This year’s theme is “Building an inclusive community,” a crucial part of awareness and sense of belonging among people […]
May 2, 2016

4 Inclusion Tips for Deaf Awareness Week

For Deaf Awareness Week, let’s really listen. This might sound really obvious, but communication issues are the biggest challenges for hard-of-hearing people. Over the past year of blogging as Deafie […]