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Community spotlight: A bead in Graham’s ear? Not your usual hearing loss story

We often hear stories about kids eating toys, and swallowing rings. For the Mulin’s family, they encountered their own experience with finding a bead in their son’s ear when he was 18 months old.
Graham Mulins, now five-years-old, was just a baby when he stuck a jewelry spacer bead into his right ear. This led his family on a unique hearing loss journey.

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Mom finds hearing loss support for her son on Instagram

Having a child with a hearing loss sometimes can feel isolating but mom Macey Kibbey has found kindred community through Instagram

The hearing loss journey for Macey’s son Oliver began when his left ear failed the newborn hearing screen. A repeat test when he was one day old showed opposite results. Oliver was then referred to a specialist and diagnosed with a mild bilateral sensorineural hearing loss at three months old. 

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Mom writes children’s book about hearing aids: Max and His Hearing Aids

Emily Mikoski, mother of Max, author of Max and His Hearing Aids, wrote a children’s book based off of her son’s experiences to provide a resource for families who are in the midst of their child’s hearing journey.

Emily didn’t intend on writing a children’s book about hearing aids. Her focus was on settling into a routine of ENT, audiology, speech therapy and family service facilitator appointments. A routine that many parents of hard of hearing children are familiar with.

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5 Common Hearing Aid Challenges for Kids and How to Solve Them

If you have an infant wearing hearing aids, then you know how incredible it is to have your child hear your voice clearly for the first time. However, you might also know that dealing with hearing aids and an infant can be tricky.

Having to keep hearing aids in a baby’s ears can pose unique challenges. If you are new to the hearing loss world you might be wondering how to handle some tricky situations. 

Two of my three children have hearing loss that was detected by the newborn hearing test on day two of life. With the early detection, we were able to start the process to get my children their hearing aids early in life. For my son, he had his hearing aids at 3-months-old. For my daughter, she received them at 4 months of age.

Here are the areas that we found challenging for our infants wearing hearing aids and practical solutions that we actually used to help.

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These are the best toys for hearing impaired babies

Are talking toys for deaf children naughty or nice?

If you walk into a toy store this holiday season, chances are you may be bombard with repetitive tunes, mechanical voices and motorized movements. Toys that make sound are all the rage these days, and may times children are attracted to them. 

But are noisy toys a good option for children with hearing loss? 


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