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Hear The World Volunteer travels to Northern Canada to offer hearing help in the classroom

Earlier this year, Phonak Canada employee and Hear the World volunteer Monika Nazair served for a Hear the World Foundation project in Northern Canada to install new wireless microphone solutions donated by Hear the World at two schools in Nunavut.

Monika is a part of the Audiology Support team at Phonak Canada. As soon as she heard about this project she was interested in it.

“Not only had I developed a particular interest in all things related to Roger technology and pediatric amplification since I joined the Audiology Support team at Phonak Canada, but I have also been very curious about the northernmost territory in our beautiful country,” says Monika.

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Hear India: Helping Children Hear the World

I’ve worked as an audiologist at Phonak for eight years, and while I’ve seen how our technology has improved the lives of many people during that time, I haven’t had the opportunity to go back to my audiology “roots” and see how this technology really helps children in their every day lives.

Through an opportunity with the Hear the World Foundation, I was able to do just that, and set off for a journey to southern India. 

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