February 20, 2019
car technology for people with hearing loss

The latest in car technology for people with hearing loss

Hearing people benefit from nifty car technology, like having their texts read to them or being able to contact OnStar for support. Now it’s our turn: Hyundai Motor Group has demonstrated technology specifically for drivers with hearing loss.

While it’s …

December 19, 2018
accessible to the deaf

Microsoft, Skype, and Alexa aim to be more accessible to the deaf

With technology exploding at a rapid pace, it’s taken a while for accessibility to catch up.

The last several months, however, have seen positive changes in the right direction.

Presentation apps

Companies like Apple and Facebook have some kind of …

December 6, 2018
StorySign app

Huawei’s StorySign app making reading more accessible to deaf children

The technology giant, Huawei, went above and beyond to make children’s reading times more accessible through their new StorySign app!

For young deaf children, access to language is one of the biggest challenges they face due to not being fully …

May 1, 2018
hearing aids older adults

Study: Hearing aids may prevent hospital visits for older adults

A new study by the University of Michigan suggests that hearing aids can prevent more hospital trips for older adults. 

The study was published in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery. The data the researchers used was from 2013-2014 and showed …

March 6, 2018
improve listening skills

Do brain-training games improve listening skills?

Findings from a recent study at Harvard University in Boston, suggest that adults with hearing loss, who play computer games designed to improve audio skills, may have an easier time understanding conversations in a noisy room.

Researchers asked 24 elderly …

January 11, 2018
helping deaf children communicate

Could a robot help deaf children communicate in the near future?

Communication is necessary for children to develop speech and language. Engaging infants in daily conversation, such as reading, talking, singing and signing are great tools to use to help stimulate infant’s brains. 

However, as most parents know, having the time …

December 21, 2017
3D printed implant for middle ear

Researchers create 3D printed implant for the middle ear

In recent times there’s been a lot of advancements in 3D printed organs and body parts. Now, 3D printed middle ear implants may be on the horizon.

Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine have designed custom implants …

November 10, 2017

Study: Lipreading may be good for cochlear implant users

Is lipreading good for cochlear implant users? 

Despite some theories that visual cues may hamper auditory processing, researchers say a new study shows lipreading may have a beneficial effect on a person’s brain and their ability to hear with a …

September 29, 2017
uber sign language

Uber aims to teach riders sign language in support of deaf awareness month

Uber is giving its riders an opportunity to learn how to sign their name and other phrases in American Sign Language.

You can go to ubersignlanguage.com and find a list of phrases to learn in sign language including, ‘hello, I

August 21, 2017
how loud is big ben

Why London is silencing its famous landmark

In an effort to protect workers’ hearing, one of the world’s most famous clock towers will go silent for the next four years. 

Beginning today, Big Ben, the bell tower in the Elizabeth Tower at the Palace of Westminster in …

August 10, 2017
watching tv with hearing loss

Why TV is good for people with hearing loss

Can TV ever be “good” for someone?

TV often gets a reputation of being a waste of time, or a mindless activity for passive viewers, but TV can actually play an important role in one’s life – especially those with …

November 11, 2016
veteran with hearing loss

VA Aims to Make Audiological Care More Accessible for Veterans

The sound of gunfire can reach 145dB. A active jet engine can cause immediate hearing damage with 155dB of noise, and a bomb blast can reach an excruciating decibel level of 175dB.

While many of us don’t experience these deafening

April 28, 2016
World Day for Health and Safety at Work

Why World Day for Health and Safety at Work Matters

Nearly 13 percent of U.S. workers suffer from at least some hearing loss, according to a new study by the CDC

While some of these employees may have hearing loss as a result of their noisy job, others have …

July 29, 2015

What Is Waiting For Us Around The Corner

A few days ago I stumbled upon a Forbes article about 4 game-changing technologies for the deaf and hard of hearing. I read it with interest, as I keep rubbing shoulders with the tech/startup world, and the moment it …

July 22, 2014

How Exponential Growth in Computing Power Will Bring About ‘Magical’ Hearing Aids

On National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered” recently was the story of a woman whose hearing problems were diagnosed at age 5, in 1993. She had moderate to severe loss of high- and low-frequency hearing, and got her first hearing