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Deaf children now have a sound processor especially for them

cochlear implant for children

Choosing cochlear implant for your child can be a difficult decision. But now, Advanced Bionics and Phonak have made it a little bit easier, by developing the world’s first dedicated sound processor for children.

Designed with the leading hearing technology in a fun variety of colors, the Sky CI™ Marvel combines Advanced Bionics sound processing with Phonak’s Marvel platform.

What is a sound processor?

A sound processor is one part of a cochlear implant. The external device consists of a microphone, which the user wears over-the-ear like a hearing aid. The processor detects sounds in the environment, then sends signals from the processor to the implanted device.

Cochlear implant for children

Cochlear implants are surgically implanted devices that give people with severe hearing loss a renewed sense of sound.

Children who are born without the sense of hearing can have the opportunity to hear again though such technology.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) says that cochlear implants may work best for children who:

  • Have profound hearing loss in both ears
  • Hearing aids do not help loss
  • Have no medical problems that would make surgery risky
  • Will be able to get treatment to work on hearing skills

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The world’s first dedicated sound processor for children

Prior to the launch of the Sky CI™ Marvel, children who needed cochlear implants had the same options as adults.

Now, the Sky CI Marvel offers child-friendly technology with a wide variety of wearing options, including fun colors, and waterproof accessories.

“The Sky CI Marvel offers flexibility for a growing child’s adventures, whether at the pool or in school,” according to the press release from AB and Phonak. “Its integrated Roger™ technology help kids hear their teachers and conversation partners in classrooms, cafeterias, and auditoriums directly in their ears, bypassing noise in the environment.”

Additionally, the new technology offers direct smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth. With the AB Remote app, kids can stay connected with the world around them throughout their day.

Even more beneficial is the Sky CI Marvel technology. It combines Advanced Bionics sound processing with Marvel platform from Phonak, a global leader in pediatric hearing care.

“AutoSense Sky OS™ 3.0 works similarly to the adult version in Naida CI Marvel but is uniquely designed for a child’s typical listening situations, providing excellent sound quality and performance wherever the child goes,” according to Phonak.

This state-of-the-art cochlear implant device allows the child to better understand what is happening in their environment and live a fuller life with hearing loss.

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For more information, please visit Advanced Bionics or Phonak or locate an audiologist near you.

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