April 18, 2019
views on hearing loss

Two young women share how their views on hearing loss have changed

Phonak hEARo Ashley and HLM editor Kirsten recently met in person for the first time after an online friendship was built from their mutual love for travel and understanding of what it means to be a hard of hearing girl
March 28, 2019

When I’ve Used My Hearing Loss to My Advantage

I’ve written before on the advantages of being a hard of hearing traveler and the positives of my hearing loss as told by the people of my childhood.

I often focus on the difficulties that surround my inability to hear …

March 8, 2019
How to Ask Someone about their Hearing Loss

How to ask someone about their hearing loss

A lot of people can feel uncomfortable to to ask questions about my hearing loss because they are afraid they are going to offend me or hurt my feelings. But that’s really not the case.

People who ask me questions …

February 21, 2019
deaf comedian dj demers

How Comedian D.J. Demers is making comedy accessible

Have you ever missed a joke because you couldn’t hear a punchline or missed the visual cue that insinuated its comedy? Being surrounded by others engulfed in laughter while you sit by in silence can feel isolating, but one comedian

February 13, 2019

Why is the audiologist-patient relationship so important?

An audiologist passionate about helping patients hear again and a patient passionate about skiing have more to gain from each other than you might think. 

Our newest Phonak hEARo, Robin Gillon, was recently fit with new hearing solutions by audiologist …

January 30, 2019
perception of hearing loss

Watch: My Perception of my Hearing Loss

We all create our own perception of hearing loss as we grow and learn from our experiences.

Vlogger Jaime shares her hearing loss journey with us and the different perspectives she has about her hearing loss. …

December 26, 2018

3 Ways Deafie Blogger is Advocating for the Deaf Community – and how you can join her!

If you read HearingLikeMe.com, you’re probably familiar with Deafie Blogger, a writer and deaf advocate who regularly writes for us as a Phonak hEARo. In this post, we turned the tables and interviewed her on her success breaking down
December 20, 2018

A new world with Phonak CROS B-R hearing aids

I’ve spent my whole life living with single-sided deafness.

It’s a frustrating part of ‘being me’ that I learned to live with. one day, not so long ago, a colleague asked me whether I’d heard of Phonak Cros B-R and proceeded …

December 3, 2018
gifts for those with hearing loss

Your 2018 holiday gift guide for those with hearing loss!

It’s that time of year again and it is time to buy gifts for the festive season!

I’ve rounded up my top 10 favorite gifts for those with hearing loss.…

November 28, 2018
single-sided deafness

Why I got a tattoo to remind others of my single-sided deafness

I was born deaf in my right ear. This was picked up at some point in my early years, but regardless nothing was done about my hearing loss.

One of the particularly irksome things about living with single-sided deafness; if …

November 22, 2018

A thank you letter to my hearing loss

After reflecting on what I am thankful for, I decided to write about why I am thankful for my hearing loss.

To My Hearing Loss:

When I was younger, I didn’t mind you. I don’t think I fully understood you. …

November 21, 2018
flying with hearing loss

Watch: Tips for flying with hearing loss

When it comes to flying with hearing loss, Phonak hEARo Jaime can give you awesome tips so you can make your travel experience more accessible. 

When you travel with hearing loss, do you let the airline know ahead of time …

October 19, 2018
ASL stickers

You can now add ASL stickers to your messages using the Gboard app!

Google recently announced that with the design help from Phonak hEARo Jessica Flores, they were able to create American Sign Language (ASL) stickers! 

Nowadays emojis and gifs, serve as text enhancements and are a large part of online communication. The …

September 24, 2018
hard of hearing audiologist

How my hearing loss journey led me to become an audiologist

I was inspired by my audiologist and my family to go to school for audiology.

In fact, it felt natural for me to become a hard of hearing audiologist to work with and help others living with hearing loss. I …

September 11, 2018

Toy Like Me: Changing disability stereotypes one toy at a time

The founder of Toy Like Me, Rebecca Atkinson, was watching her children play with toys one day and realized that none of the toys were representing real people with disabilities.

Noticing there was a lack of positive representation of disabilities, …

September 8, 2018
reactions to hearing loss

How my friends reacted when they found out about my hearing loss

Since becoming a hearing aid wearer and learning that I am at least partially deaf, I have begun to understand my friends reactions to hearing loss, both before my diagnosis and after.

There is a level of acceptance shown by …

July 30, 2018
reactions to hearing loss

How my friends reacted to my hearing loss

Since becoming a hearing aid wearer and learning that I am at least partially deaf, I have begun to understand my friends reactions to hearing loss, both before my diagnosis and after.

There is a level of acceptance shown by …

July 13, 2018
world cup 2018

A deafie takes on the World Cup 2018

I recently had an opportunity to attend the World Cup and as a deafie I am happy to report that  FIFA and Russia did an incredible job to make sure the event was inclusive and accessible to all.

Beyond that, …

July 10, 2018
old for hearing aids

Why you’re never too old to try hearing aids

Walk down any busy street and you will see a plethora of people engaged in their technology. Specifically, their mobile phones.

It’s sometimes surprising when we notice a number of these people plugged into cyberspace fall into the 70-80 age …

June 20, 2018

9 tips for camping with hearing loss

Being alone in the wilderness can be especially scary for someone with a hearing loss. 

People with acute hearing rely tremendously on sounds for safety reasons.  Branches snapping, footsteps nearby, plants moving from something running through them, wildlife calls from …