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July 26, 2019
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“EPHPHATHA” is a new book about a deaf child growing up in a hearing world
July 30, 2019

August Book Club: ‘On Being Human,’ by Jen Pastiloff

On Being Human
The HearingLikeMe team loves supporting #deaftalent and learning about the different perspectives of people who are living their lives fully, despite their hearing loss. To celebrate our challenges and expand our knowledge with the deaf community, we are starting a new, monthly book club. Join in and read with us!

The first book we are choosing for the HearingLikeMe book club is Jen Pastiloff’s “On Being Human: A Memoir of Waking Up, Living Real, and Listening Hard.”

Pastiloff has been on our radar for a while now. Her Instagram account is filled with inspiring quotes, celebrity spottings (hello, Pink!), and personal musings of her journey as a yoga teacher, mother, her hearing loss, and life as a newly published author.

According to GoodReads, “On Being Human: A Memoir of Waking Up, Living Real, and Listening Hard,” is:

Jen pastillof deaf author book club

 “An inspirational memoir about how Jennifer Pastiloff’s

years of waitressing taught her to seek out unexpected beauty, how deafness taught her to listen fiercely, how being vulnerable allowed her to find love, and how imperfections can lead to a life full of wild happiness.

Centered around the touchstone stories Jen tells in her popular workshops, On Being Human is the story of how a starved person grew into the exuberant woman she was meant to be all along by battling the demons within and winning.”


HLM Book Club

The HearingLikeMe team is inviting readers and Phonak hEARos to join the HLM Book Club, which will focus on deaf and hard of hearing authors.

To participate, simply read the chosen book of the month with us, then join the conversation on Instagram and the HLM Facebook community. If you’d like to be part of a closer discussion, you can also apply to be a Phonak hEARo.

September’s book pick

Next month, we’ll be reading “My Hard of Hearing Life: Stories From Behind the Hearing Aids,” by Cynthia Dixon.

If you have any future book suggestions, please let us know! We’re excited to read with you!

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