April 23, 2019

7-year-old girl receives apology from thief who stole her Phonak Roger Touchscreen

Seven-year-old Alicia Lyding received unexpected news after her Phonak Roger Touchscreen was stolen during a school burglary in Castro Valley, California.

Alicia was very upset after her Phonak Roger Touchscreen was stolen because the technology helps her hear her teachers …

April 11, 2019

Watch: A Day in the Life of a Teen Musician with Hearing Loss

Whether he is playing the trumpet, making salsa with his family or competing in DECA competition, Finn’s hearing aids play a huge role in every aspect of his life. 

Finn wears Phonak Marvel hearing aids and explains how they affect …

April 5, 2019

Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath reveals he has hearing loss

The lead singer of band Sugar Ray, Mark McGrath, admits that he is losing his hearing and doesn’t want to wear his hearing aids.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Mail, McGrath explains that his hearing loss was …

April 4, 2019

Watch: A day in the life of a teenage girl with hearing loss

How does 16-year-old Natalie handle her “cookie bite” hearing loss? We join her on a typical day in her life to find out what it’s really like to be a teenage girl with hearing loss.

Natalie knows what it’s like …

April 1, 2019

Watch: What is it like to be a deaf teenager?

Being a teenager is complex enough, but add hearing loss to that and life can feel daunting.

Misunderstandings among friends, listening fatigue in the classroom, isolation and other challenges can make a teenager with hearing loss feel like they’re on …

March 29, 2019
accessible home for deaf and hard of hearing people

How to create an accessible home for deaf and hard of hearing people

There are many changes, both big and small, that can be made to a home in order to fit the needs and preferences of those who live in it.

For example, people with hearing loss may prefer special accommodations to

March 14, 2019
resources for parents new to hearing loss

Hear to Learn provides resources for parents new to hearing loss

Getting that initial diagnosis that your child has hearing loss can be completely overwhelming. Who can you turn to for help? How can you fully understand their needs?

One free resource, Here to Learn, aims to answer those questions,

March 12, 2019

Community Spotlight: Confidence, ComPilot helped this gymnast, scientist soar

Ashely McGoey wasn’t always so confident living with hearing loss. When she was in elementary school, her classmates teased her. In high school, she wore her hair down and avoided listening to music in front of her peers, dreading the
March 5, 2019
solo travels with hearing loss

Life lessons from solo travels with hearing loss

Mario Afonso decided to leave the comforts of his reality to explore a world larger than him and his experiences.

He set off to complete his first solo travels with hearing loss with the goal to stop feeling limited by …

March 4, 2019
hearing technology

Appreciating Hearing Technology

It took a while for Louise Bjerrum to appreciate the benefit she received from her hearing aid. Now, this Swedish physiotherapist takes full advantage.

Louise Bjerrum was born with a congenital hearing loss; she is deaf in her right ear. …

February 26, 2019

Ask Anna: What is the Phonak myCall-to-text app?

Ask Anna is an advice column for the hearing loss community.

Dear Anna I recently purchased new Phonak hearing aids and my Audiologist told me about this myCall-to-text app that I can use to transcribe my phone calls live. I

February 25, 2019

Watch: How to decorate hearing technology with Phonak teen Mia

Phonak Teen Advisor, Mia Schartau,  is rarely seen without her hearing technology decorated.

You’ve probably seen her bright and colorfully decorated hearing aids on Instagram, now you can watch a step by step video on how to decorate your …

February 22, 2019
children's deafness

Reflecting our children’s deafness diagnosis

When Melissa and Matt Hyder first learned that their son was born with hearing loss, they were, like many parents, surprised. 

With 90 percent of deaf and hard-of-hearing children born to hearing parents, this is a common storyline that is …

February 21, 2019
deaf comedian dj demers

How Comedian D.J. Demers is making comedy accessible

Have you ever missed a joke because you couldn’t hear a punchline or missed the visual cue that insinuated its comedy? Being surrounded by others engulfed in laughter while you sit by in silence can feel isolating, but one comedian

February 13, 2019

Why is the audiologist-patient relationship so important?

An audiologist passionate about helping patients hear again and a patient passionate about skiing have more to gain from each other than you might think. 

Our newest Phonak hEARo, Robin Gillon, was recently fit with new hearing solutions by audiologist …

February 12, 2019
Phonak Roger technology

Work, home, play: How Phonak Roger technology has changed all aspects of Dorthe’s life

Dorthe Sørensen has been affected by hearing loss for the majority of her life.

“I have something called moderate hearing loss, which for me, means that I hear less on my left ear than I do on my right”, she …

February 4, 2019
honest talk about hearing loss

Community Spotlight: Military mom’s honest talk about hearing loss

Like many parents, Valli Vida Gideons didn’t know anyone with hearing loss before her son was born. At the time, there was no Facebook or online parent groups she could connect with, so she relied heavily on her audiologist and
January 30, 2019
perception of hearing loss

Watch: My Perception of my Hearing Loss

We all create our own perception of hearing loss as we grow and learn from our experiences.

Vlogger Jaime shares her hearing loss journey with us and the different perspectives she has about her hearing loss. …

November 21, 2018
flying with hearing loss

Watch: Tips for flying with hearing loss

When it comes to flying with hearing loss, Phonak hEARo Jaime can give you awesome tips so you can make your travel experience more accessible. 

When you travel with hearing loss, do you let the airline know ahead of time …

November 5, 2018
hearing aids

How my hearing aids gave me back energy to live my life

“My hearing loss shouldn’t limit my life.”

These are the words of Linda Almqvist, a 41‑year‑old woman who works as a driving instructor at a traffic school in Halmstad, Sweden. Her life took a turn in the right direction when …