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Moms of deaf children create Instagram account to teach ASL

Meagan Ackerman and Lana Wilson, are two mothers both raising children with hearing loss. The two mothers met on social media and decided to join together to create an account to teach their family and friends American Sign Language. 

When Meagan and Lana first connected on social media, they discovered that they are both on similar journeys with their families. Despite living across the country from one another, they immediately clicked and came up with an idea to help their friends and family learn sign language to communicate with their children. 

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Community spotlight: A bead in Graham’s ear? Not your usual hearing loss story

We often hear stories about kids eating toys, and swallowing rings. For the Mulin’s family, they encountered their own experience with finding a bead in their son’s ear when he was 18 months old.
Graham Mulins, now five-years-old, was just a baby when he stuck a jewelry spacer bead into his right ear. This led his family on a unique hearing loss journey.

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Community Spotlight: Celia’s perfect hearing technology combination for unilateral hearing loss

Within the first day of Celia’s life, it was suspected that she had a hearing loss.

Although it was suspected it still took 18 months to officially diagnose her with unilateral hearing loss. Having had to wait almost two years to finally get an answer about her daughter’s hearing loss, Tracy Pursifull, Celia’s mother, was glad to know the diagnosis.

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Heartwarming story of teen and deaf, blind man communicating using sign language goes viral

Tim Cook, a deaf, blind man, needed help communicating on his most recent flight from Boston to California, and unexpectedly ended up communicating and connecting with a 15-year-old girl who knows sign language.

The flight attendants made an announcement asking if anyone knew American Sign Language (ASL) so they could communicate with Cook. Clara Daly volunteered to help him as she has been studying ASL for the past year. Together Cook and Clara were able to communicate through finger spelling letters. Photos of the two communicating went viral on social media. A post from a passenger, Lynette Scribner, was shared over 500,000 times on Facebook.

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Are you a teenager with hearing loss? Join the Phonak Teen Advisory Board

Are you a teenager with a passion for hearing loss advocacy and hearing technology? The new Phonak Teen Advisory Board program is perfect for you.

As the future of hearing technology changes, experts in the hearing aid industry are looking to connect with more people that are our future; teenagers! Phonak is launching their first ever Teen Advisory Board program for you to connect with other teens with hearing loss, develop your leadership skills and give your opinion on hearing solutions for others. They are looking for eight teens from the US and Canada to become members of the Phonak Teens Advisory Board for one year.

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Community Spotlight: James hears like never before with his bright red hearing aid

The day James Rios was fit with a hearing aid was the first time his mother, Carrie Rios called out her son’s name and he turned to exactly where she was with a smile. It was the day James’ world was changed.

After three-year-old James failed his newborn hearing screening, the Rios family heard constant back and forth diagnosis about why he failed the test. He was officially diagnosed with a mild unilateral hearing loss when he was two years old.

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