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Hear The World Volunteer travels to Northern Canada to offer hearing help in the classroom

Earlier this year, Phonak Canada employee and Hear the World volunteer Monika Nazair served for a Hear the World Foundation project in Northern Canada to install new wireless microphone solutions donated by Hear the World at two schools in Nunavut.

Monika is a part of the Audiology Support team at Phonak Canada. As soon as she heard about this project she was interested in it.

“Not only had I developed a particular interest in all things related to Roger technology and pediatric amplification since I joined the Audiology Support team at Phonak Canada, but I have also been very curious about the northernmost territory in our beautiful country,” says Monika.

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This is how to get FREE hearing technology at your university

College is tough, it’s even tougher for students who can’t hear clearly. 

Many students living with hearing loss are going through their university careers without the resources to hear clearly in the classroom.

In fact, of 4.6 million Americans who have a “learning disability” only 24 percent of university students say they informed their university, and only 17 percent received accommodations, according to a 2010 study by the National Center for Health Statistics. 

There are various reasons for students not requesting resources, but the good news is, once students are aware of the hearing technology that could help them in the classroom, they can get the items for free!

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After tragedy, musician Sam Baker ‘became an artist’ with hearing loss

This article was adapted from a Q&A interview with Sam Baker, by musician Stu Nunnery. 

In 1986, Texan musician Sam Baker was traveling on a train to Machu Picchu in Peru.  He had no idea that the Shining Path guerrilla group placed a bomb on the luggage rack just above his head. The bomb exploded killing seven passengers. Baker was left with numerous injuries, including ruptured ear drums.

In that instance, his life changed forever.

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4 awesome moments you can only hear in Australia

Tourism Australia recently released a list the most awesome moments that can only be experienced in Australia, which makes us immediately want to go Down Under.

Featured on the list are beautiful locations and animals, but it got us thinking… how would these moments change if we couldn’t experience the sounds that go along with them?

We break down some of these awesome moments you can only have in Australia and the sounds that make them so amazing.

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This is how to talk to people newly diagnosed with hearing loss 

Are you new to having hearing loss, or know someone who was recently diagnosed with hearing loss? 

Some people are born deaf and hard-of-hearing, while others lose their hearing over time. When a person loses their hearing later on in life, communication with family and other hearing people can get challenging.

To help communication go a little bit smoother, Phonak hEARo Jessica Flores has some tips! 

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How a deaf creative director uses technology to achieve his dreams

He is completely deaf in one ear and has 35 percent hearing in the other, but that is not what defines Peter Westerling as a person.

He is full of creativity, life and movement. A pioneer in the digital evolution, the Swedish man also has the country’s first Internet bank on his track record.

Peter has a congenital sensorineural hearing impairment with deafness in the left ear and hearing loss in the right ear.

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