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Is an in-the-ear hearing aid right for me?

Even though hearing aids share the common goal of providing more access to sounds, finding the right one can be a real challenge. Differences in amplification, size, style or the way a hearing aid is worn are some of the things that need to be taken into consideration.

One of the options available is an in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid. This style of hearing aid  sits inside the ear canal and is usually custom fit for the wearer.

There are three types of ITEs; the full shell, half shell and one that sits completely in the ear canal. The full shell ITE is designed to sit perfectly within the outer ear while the half shell fits within the outer part of your ear. The third type sits deep within the ear canal and is usually completely invisible.

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Martin Kemp, long time musician and actor, says tinnitus drives him crazy

UK actor, musician and television presenter Martin Kemp blames years of touring with his band for his tinnitus and hearing loss.

The former bassist for the ‘80s New Romantic era band, Spandau Ballet, told the Daily Mail that he is suffering from the ringing in his ears, which he attributes to his days of being a musician, standing in front of amplifiers and using in-ear monitors.

“There is a whistling in my ears all the time,” Martin says.

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Community Spotlight: “Triumphant Kason” hears for the first time

When Kason, a triplet, was born with hearing loss, his mother went on a journey to find him the best hearing technology. He recently heard for the first time with his Phonak Sky V hearing aids. 

Finding out your child has hearing loss can be a scary and overwhelming experience, especially for those whom don’t know anyone else with hearing loss. 

After giving birth to triplets, Shanquail Horton Archibald learned that one of her sons had hearing loss. 

This is their story: 

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3 Hearing Challenges Solved with Titanium Hearing Aids

Choosing your first hearing aid can be overwhelming, as there are many factors that go into this decision – both for your personal preference and your hearing needs. What makes it more confusing is that many hearing aids look the same on the outside.  

In-the-ear hearing aids (small hearing devices that sit inside the ear canal and do not wrap around the ear – also known as behind-the-ear or BTE hearing aids) are generally preferred by first time users. While ITEs  have similar sound quality and performance to BTEs, they also have some challenges; they are not always as small as people would like, due to the natural properties of the standard shell material (acrylic) they can break, and they are not always comfortable.

Phonak has been working to identify a solution to these issues, and a new shell material, titanium (yes, the metal) has been discovered as the answer.

But how can a titanium hearing aid solve the most problematic and longest running issues related to in-the-ear devices?

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La La Land sound mixer uses Phonak’s earpieces

Phonak’s ultra-discreet in-ear monitors helped the makers of multi-Oscar-winning La La Land weave its stunning soundtrack deep into the film, according to its sound mixer Steve A. Morrow.

Morrow, along with colleagues Andy Nelson and Ai-Ling Lee, picked up nominations for the Oscar, Bafta, Cinema Audio Society and Satellite awards for sound mixing in La La Land.

A love-letter to classic Hollywood musicals, La La Land switches effortlessly between dialogue and songs, often in a single take – making the film a logistical and audio challenge.

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World Hearing Day: Unaddressed hearing loss costs nearly $750 billion globally

More than 360 million people worldwide have hearing loss, which comes at a cost of nearly $750 billion dollars globally, according to the World Health Organization.

To raise awareness for the economic impact of hearing loss, the WHO is highlighting the direct, indirect and societal costs of hearing loss as part of World Hearing Day 2017: Action for hearing loss: make a sound investment.

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A cure for hearing loss? Drug could be ready for testing by 2018

Researchers say they have discovered a combination of drugs that encourages the growth of new hair cells, which could pave the way for tinnitus and hearing loss therapies.

The team of scientists from Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), MIT, and Massachusetts Eye and Ear say they have found a way to isolate stem cells in inner ears of mice and convert them into auditory hair cells.

“They exposed cells from a mouse cochlea, grown in a lab dish, to molecules that stimulate the Wnt pathway, which makes the cells multiply rapidly,” according to a press release from MIT.

By re-producing hair cells, the scientists believe they can solve one of the major reasons for hearing loss.

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Hearing Tech Talk: What is a hearing aid?

Hearing Like Me’s podcast “Hearing Tech Talk” is your guide to the technology that is driving education, building connections and inspiring advocacy, to allow people with hearing loss live fuller lives. 

What is a hearing aid? What is a PSAP? What is a “hearable”?

These are some of the questions that Hearing  Like Me editor, Jill von Büren, and Phonak audiologist Mike Waloszek tackle in the first-ever Hearing Tech Talk podcast. 

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