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Huey Lewis cancels 2018 tour due to hearing loss

The band Huey Lewis and The News released a statement on Friday that they canceled their 2018 tour due to Lewis experiencing a sudden hearing loss.
Lewis thinks the cause of his hearing loss is Meniere’s disease, which is an inner ear disorder that causes vertigo, fluctuating hearing loss, tinnitus and ear pressure.    Read more: How a hearing aid helps my mom live with Meniere’s disease   His doctors told him that he should not perform until his hearing improves.

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Are my child’s hearing aids waterproof?

It is time to clear up a hearing aid mystery for parents by answering the following questions: How waterproof are my child’s Phonak Sky hearing aids?  
The answer is that child’s Phonak Sky hearing aids are water resistant and have an IP68 rating. According to Phonak, “IP68 indicates that the hearing aid is water resistant and dust tight. It survived continuous immersion in 1 meter of water for 60 minutes and after 8 hours in a dust chamber.” This is informative but isn’t applicable to real life situations.

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Watch: How to learn American Sign Language

Phonak hEARo Jessica Flores shares her best tips to learn American Sign Language in her latest video.
According to research from Gallaudet University, there are about 1 million deaf people in the United States. American Sign Language is the native language for many Deaf people, so there are so many people to communicate with using sign language! Open yourself up to a new language by following these tips that Jessica shares with us.

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How children with hearing loss can hear 5,300 more words every day

Did you know that children need to hear approximately 45 million words by age four to be ready for school? In fact, research shows that the more words child hear allow them to not only be better prepared for school but also enable them to have bigger vocabularies and be stronger readers.
Reaching these language targets can be challenging for children with hearing loss. However, new research has found that using microphone systems along with hearing aids or cochlear implants can help. Here’s how: 

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‘The Silent Child’ wins Oscar for Live Action Short Film

The Silent Child, a short film based on a true story about a deaf child, won an Oscar on Sunday night. 

This was an emotional moment for writers Rachel Shenton and Chris Overton as they received their first Oscar award in the category “live action short film.” Shenton, who previously acted on the TV series “Switched at Birth,” gave her acceptance speech in both English and British Sign Language. 

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Are hearing loss and dementia linked?

A recent study conducted by researchers at Harvard University found that there is a link between hearing loss and dementia.

According to the research, the association between dementia and hearing loss includes a number of factors revolving around cognitive abilities. These abilities include memory, the processing speed of your brain and how you recognize shapes, distances and sizes.

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Meet Kyle Schulze, the Deaf Ninja on show ‘American Ninja Warrior’

Kyle Schulze is constantly overcoming obstacles. Literally, as he is an obstacle athlete, best known on the show NBC show America Ninja Warrior. He is also deaf and goes by the nickname ‘Deaf Ninja’.

Schulze started his obstacle training at age 22. His first race was a mud race, where he discovered the love for the sport. From then on he started competing in more races and began rock climbing, which plays a vital role in his training. His hard work paid off when he made it to “American Ninja Warrior.”

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