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myPhonak portal gives hearing aid users more control

myphonak app
Ready to take control of your hearing loss journey?, an online portal, makes it easy to organize your hearing information, contact your audiologist and find information to help you live a fuller life with hearing loss. is the latest resource from Phonak. The portal is designed to give you the most up-to-date information about your hearing technology and your hearing needs.

Working in parallel with the myPhonk app, Phonak hearing aid users can sign into the portal to view all their hearing health information in one location. Using the myPhonak app with the new Phonak Slim™ allows users to take control of their hearing and to get the best out of their hearing aids.


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Hearing aid statistics and information

When you sign into the myPhonak portal, you will first be greeted with your personalized information about your hearing aids, including the make and model name, average daily wearing time and a break-down of programs used. This data will help hearing aid users better understand how their devices are working, and if they need any adjustments.

If adjustments are needed, personalized settings of the myPhonak portal allows users to save their hearing care professional’s contact information, making it easy to contact them in one-click.

Informative technical resources

Users can also troubleshoot any hearing issues with the resources available on

Users will have access to common Q&A’s and tips and tricks for using Phonak technology, directly from the Phonak support team. If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, your hearing care professional is one-click away.


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Inspiring lifestyle articles

Empowered living with hearing loss comes from actively learning from those in similar situations. To support you on your hearing journey, also includes a selection of lifestyle articles from to learn from.

Learn how to stay active and connected to others while living with hearing loss, read testimonials from other Phonak users, and learn about resources and accessories that can support you in your hearing journey.

The personalized myPhonak hub aims to provide Phonak users a place to organize all their hearing needs. Log-in and be inspired to make the most of your hearing journey.


Find more information about myPhonak here.

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