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Thinking About Schools for my Deaf Child

My son will start school in September 2018, which for some may seem quite far away, but the time to pick a school is fast approaching and I just don’t feel quite ready.

For many parents of children with hearing loss, choosing a school for your deaf child can be overwhelming.

Should we send him to a mainstream school or deaf school? What is the best hearing technology for his classroom? How do I inform his teachers about his hearing loss?

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My child has had cochlear implants for 2 years. Here’s 4 things I’ve noticed

This month marks Harry’s hearing birthday, meaning he has been hearing now through his cochlear implants for two years!

I really have nothing but positive news for you in this little update on Harry’s hearing progress. Not only has my toddler naturally grown into a little, strapping lad, but his behavior, speech, language and communication skills have also come on leaps and bounds. He seemed to settle into life with a cochlear implant almost instantly, and he loves to hear so much.  In fact his favourite thing to say is “what’s that sound?!”

“…his favourite thing to say is ‘what’s that sound?!'”

Here are four things I’ve noticed so far with Harry, after two years with his cochlear implants:

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How to prepare your child for a cochlear implant

So you found out your child has severe hearing loss.

Maybe you discovered it during a newborn hearing screening, or maybe they were already a few months old and not responding to your voice.  Your child might already have hearing aids, or you might be discussing with an audiologist about getting your child fit with a cochlear implant. 

You and your child may just be embarking on their hearing journey, and it may seem overwhelming. Especially because it could take months or even years before your child can be considered and then fit with a cochlear implant. But there are still a lot of things you can do to prepare them for being implanted, and help develop their communication skills long before activation day.

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What you should know about my son’s cochlear implant

I am constantly being flooded with questions about Harry’s cochlear implant.

Whilst I am so happy and comfortable answering them, I know that some parents of children with hearing technology find it hard to talk about or explain to someone about them. Especially those whom have never had experience with a cochlear implant user before.

In this post I am going to cover common questions I am asked, and tell you the best way that I answer them!

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When is the Right Age to get a Cochlear Implant?

Research shows that the earlier your child can have access to sound, the better their speech and listening skills develop. But when is the right age to get a cochlear implant?

Research has shown that babies start to hear in the womb, and they can respond to sounds even before they have been born into the world. So, if a child is born deaf or with any sort of hearing loss, they are missing out on these vital early inputs of sound. This is why babies and toddlers are fit with hearing aids and cochlear implants at quite a young age.

But when is the best age to get a cochlear implant?

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Q&A: What you should know about my child’s cochlear implant

I get stopped at least once a day by people passing by in the supermarket or other mums at the playground asking me what my son, Harry, is wearing on his head. 

I don’t mind talking about his cochlear implants, and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest having to explain that the technology on his head helps him to hear! In fact, I am fiercely proud of him and his “magic ears.”  But sometimes I get the feeling that people want to ask things but perhaps they don’t, for fear of seeming nosy or rude. So, I decided to ask some of my social media followers if they had any burning questions about my child’s cochlear implant, so I could answer them all in one place.

I had some really good questions about cochlear implants, and I hope I have answered them well!

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