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Lucie Herridge
Lucie es una bloguera de estilo de vida y madre. Vive en Hampshire, Reino Unido.

Ella es la madre de Harry, 03 años de edad, que es profundamente sordo y un usuario bilateral de implantes cocleares de Advanced Bionics. ¡Le encanta beber té, noches acogedoras con su familia y usar el Pinterest!

Has my son’s cochlear implant helped him learn words faster than a hearing child?

There has been some research lately that has revealed the possibility that children with cochlear implants are learning words faster than children with no hearing problems. 

It has got me thinking about my son Harry. Being profoundly deaf at birth, Harry was implanted at 14 months old with no previous experience of hearing the world around him. 

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Watch: Chatting with my cochlear implant kid

Phonak hEARo Lucie interviews her son Harry to show how his speech and understanding is with his Advanced Bionics cochlear implants on.
Harry recently turned four and it is clear that his speech and understanding is very good for a four-year-old with cochlear implants. How did Lucie and Harry get to this point? We go back on their journey to see the steps they took after they found out Harry is deaf.

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How to recycle your hearing aids in the UK and USA

Do you have old hearing aids stuck in a drawer that you keep just because you’re at a loss of what to do with them? 

My son Harry wore hearing aids until he was 14 months old. Then he was implanted with his cochlear implants. I knew that he would never need his hearing aids again, but I wasn’t sure what to do with them. However, I discovered that there are ways for your old hearing aids to be recycled here in the UK and also in the USA. 

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Thinking About Schools for my Deaf Child

My son will start school in September 2018, which for some may seem quite far away, but the time to pick a school is fast approaching and I just don’t feel quite ready.

For many parents of children with hearing loss, choosing a school for your deaf child can be overwhelming.

Should we send him to a mainstream school or deaf school? What is the best hearing technology for his classroom? How do I inform his teachers about his hearing loss?

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What I’ve learned from being a mum of a cochlear implant kid

In today’s video I am sharing with you some of the things I have learnt from being a mum to a cochlear implant kid!

Obviously, I try not to think of Harry as any different than any other child, but sometimes it’s good to talk about some of the things I’ve noticed as a mum of a deaf child. 

Here are 6 things I’ve learned as a mom of a child with cochlear implants:

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