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Lucie Herridge
Lucie is a lifestyle and parenting blogger from Hampshire, UK.

She is mummy to 3-year-old Harry who is profoundly deaf and a bilateral Advanced Bionics cochlear implant user. She loves drinking tea, cozy nights in with her family and pinning on Pinterest!

Thinking About Schools for my Deaf Child

My son will start school in September 2018, which for some may seem quite far away, but the time to pick a school is fast approaching and I just don’t feel quite ready.

For many parents of children with hearing loss, choosing a school for your deaf child can be overwhelming.

Should we send him to a mainstream school or deaf school? What is the best hearing technology for his classroom? How do I inform his teachers about his hearing loss?

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What I’ve learned from being a mum of a cochlear implant kid

In today’s video I am sharing with you some of the things I have learnt from being a mum to a cochlear implant kid!

Obviously, I try not to think of Harry as any different than any other child, but sometimes it’s good to talk about some of the things I’ve noticed as a mum of a deaf child. 

Here are 6 things I’ve learned as a mom of a child with cochlear implants:

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4 Tips for a Hearing Loss Friendly Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is this Sunday, which means we’re getting ready for lots of family time and of course Easter egg hunts!

Any special event requires some extra planning, but I’ve found that especially with my deaf toddler, extra noise, people, and activities can be especially overwhelming and daunting. There are ways, however, to ensure these special events are inclusive and fun for them!

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My thoughts on raising a deaf child

Today I wanted to share with you a few thoughts, feelings and beliefs I have as a normal hearing parent raising a deaf child. 

If you have been following our journey on Hearing Like Me, you’ll know that my son Harry is three and is profoundly deaf. He wears Advanced Bionics bilateral cochlear implants, which he hears fantastically well through, but of course without them he is again in a world of silence. 

He is and always will be a deaf person.

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My Top 5 Sensory Toys for Deaf Babies and Children

Sensory toys are toys that are particularly aimed at stimulating the senses, which is particularly important for deaf babies and children because they rely heavily on their senses to learn. 

I have always loved playing with sensory toys with my son Harry.  They are fun as well as educational, and I find that there are certain toys that stimulate his senses the most and keep him engaged. For example, Harry has always liked toys with textures, or those with little doors to open and flaps to lift.  He has always gone for the bright colored noisy toys as opposed to the pretty wooden ones!

If you’re new to sensory toys, this list will help you get started. Here are our 5 favorite sensory toys…

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My child has had cochlear implants for 2 years. Here’s 4 things I’ve noticed

This month marks Harry’s hearing birthday, meaning he has been hearing now through his cochlear implants for two years!

I really have nothing but positive news for you in this little update on Harry’s hearing progress. Not only has my toddler naturally grown into a little, strapping lad, but his behavior, speech, language and communication skills have also come on leaps and bounds. He seemed to settle into life with a cochlear implant almost instantly, and he loves to hear so much.  In fact his favourite thing to say is “what’s that sound?!”

“…his favourite thing to say is ‘what’s that sound?!'”

Here are four things I’ve noticed so far with Harry, after two years with his cochlear implants:

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5 Ways to Celebrate a “Hearing Birthday”

My son’s cochlear implant has changed all of our lives, especially his, so we like to mark his ”hearing birthday” with a little celebration every year. 

I can’t believe he has been hearing now for almost 2 years! (I also can’t believe I have a three-year-old!) Time has zoomed by, but we have had already so many special moments of him hearing. 

Here are some of my favorite ways to celebrate his hearing birthday:

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