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5 Ways to Celebrate a “Hearing Birthday”

5 Ways to Celebrate a “Hearing Birthday”

My son’s cochlear implant has changed all of our lives, especially his, so we like to mark his ”hearing birthday” with a little celebration every year.

I can’t believe he has been hearing now for almost 2 years! (I also can’t believe I have a three-year-old!) Time has zoomed by, but we have had already so many special moments of him hearing.

Here are some of my favorite ways to celebrate his hearing birthday:

1. Make a Cochlear Implant Cake

Making a yummy iced cake in the shape of a hearing aid or cochlear implant is a tasty and fun way to mark a hearing birthday!

For some inspiration, checkout Phonak’s Pinterest page, or from friends on social media.

2. Decorate your Hearing Technology

Teach your child to be proud of their hearing technology, by giving them the freedom to decorate them! Use stickers, washi-tape, nail stickers, or special, custom-designed stickers from Skinit, which fit Phonak Sky hearing aids perfectly.

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There are tons of inspirational ideas online and on Pinterest.

3. Share an Inspiring Story 

5 Ways to Celebrate a “Hearing Birthday”

Share a moment in your year that has really made you appreciate your child getting their cochlear implant.  For example, when they said a particular word or sentence that made you well up with tears, or when they heard something for the first time!  You could share your story online in a social media post, or in a card or with family and friends.

4. Change your Social Media Profile Picture

Changing your profile picture to a significant picture of your little ones wearing their cochlear implants is a great way to mark their hearing birthday!  You want them to be proud of their devices and everything it has done for them so showing them off to your friends and followers is a great way to do that.

5. Have a Listening Experience

Spend the day doing something you know your child hasn’t done before. For example, go to theatre or cinema, the zoo to listen to animals, an airport to watch planes or a train station to watch trains zoom past. Think of all the great places to hear new and exciting sounds.

Do you celebrate the day your child received their hearing aids or cochlear implants? I would love to hear about how you celebrate your “hearing birthday!” Let me know in the comments section!

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Lucie is a lifestyle blogger and mother living in Hampshire, United Kingdom. She is the mother of Harry, 4 years old, who is profoundly deaf and a bilateral user of cochlear implants from Advanced Bionics. She loves to drink tea, cozy nights with her family and go on Pinterest!