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6 hearing loss related books my deaf toddler loves

hearing loss related books

Reading is a big part of any child’s life. For Harry, his interest in books has really only just begun! I like to find books that he can learn from and relate to, and have a special fondness for hearing loss related books, or ones that encourage speech and listening development. 

Harry has all of a sudden requested a story (or five) every night before bed and he delights in finding different objects and characters and reading along with me.  Here are some of our current favorite books that we think are particularly good for children with a hearing loss:

Ranvir Cannot Hear,” By Genevieve Yusuf

This story takes place in India and is about a little hard of hearing elephant that goes on an adventure to look for his hearing. While he is traveling he meets new friends who help Ranvir find his special talent and understand all that he can do. This book includes British and American sign language alphabets as it is a book written by Genevieve Yusuf, who specializes in writing language books for children. Each time this book is purchased 10 percent goes to the Rangammal School in India for children with hearing loss.

“Freddie and the Fairy,” by Julia Donaldson and Karen George

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Bessie-Belle is a fairy who Freddie rescues from being stuck in a tree. To repay him for his help, Bessie-Belle offers to grant him some wishes.  Freddie wishes for all sorts of different pets, but because Bessie-belle wears a hearing aid and can’t hear very well she mishears Freddie and keeps getting his wishes wrong.  This story is aimed at both deaf children as well as hearing children, as the story is all about deaf awareness and how talking directly to a deaf person and not mumbling can help them to understand you and not get things wrong. This one is Harry’s absolute favorite books at the moment!

“I Can’t Hear Like You,” by Althea

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My lovely little niece actually introduced me to this book after picking it out at her school library!  I can’t Hear Like You is all about a boy named Tom who wears hearing aids. He introduces us to his life and school and how being deaf impacts his play. It also includes signed text in the British Sign Language alphabet.

Intsy Bitsy Spider,” by Annie Kubler

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This is part of the Sign and Singalong series and is a really fun song to learn the signs for.  I think it’s great for both hearing and deaf children to learn this classic nursery rhyme with the signs alongside. 

“Lucy Loud and Clear,” by Laila Lavan and Beatriz Iglesias

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This is a lovely little bilingual book (English/Spanish) about a deaf girl named Lucy. Throughout the story, she tries to get the attention from her normal hearing teenage brother, and get her coloring pencils back. Harry finds this book really funny and he loves that the main character has the same name as his mummy!

Thomas & Friends

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Any books where your little one needs to find objects is particularly good for helping develop understanding and speech. Reading “Thomas & Friends,” and letting Harry point out the different things when we ask him to has really shown how much he is understanding. For example, I had no idea he knew what a suitcase was until I asked him to point it out!

Do you have any other hearing loss related books that you like to read with your deaf toddler? Let me know in the comments! 

Lucie Herridge
Lucie Herridge
Lucie is a lifestyle blogger and mother living in Hampshire, United Kingdom. She is the mother of Harry, 4 years old, who is profoundly deaf and a bilateral user of cochlear implants from Advanced Bionics. She loves to drink tea, cozy nights with her family and go on Pinterest!