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Eloise Garland
Eloise is a 22-year-old musician, teacher, and Deaf Awareness Campaigner based in London. She is a proud wearer of two brightly-decorated Phonak hearing aids. Her hobbies include cooking, singing, reading, and photography.

Why musicians should be more aware of hearing loss

As a professional musician, I have been involved in many a discussion with friends and colleagues about the issue of noise induced hearing loss. 

For one, people simply don’t consider that it could happen to them. Another reason is the belief that earplugs distort sound, giving musicians a rather unpleasant experience.

But the big problem is that when noise-induced hearing loss occurs, it is often too late, irreversible and, if a significant loss, can be life-altering.

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5 Perfect Gifts for Deaf Teens

As Christmas quickly approaches, it can be difficult to know what to gift a deaf or hard of hearing teenager.
Luckily, I myself am a deaf teen, so I have some idea about what gifts they might like! Whether you’re looking for stocking fillers or for larger presents, here are some ideas of gifts for deaf teens (complete with a cost guide) to get you started! 

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How my Hearing Aids Helped my Tinnitus

I have suffered from tinnitus since I was 7 years old, and I always thought there was nothing I could do about it… until I got hearing aids. 

I remember first noticing my tinnitus when I was watching TV one day and my left ear sounded like it had a drum beating away inside it. It came and went periodically, but wasn’t something I was forced to think about often.

By the time I was 12 or 13 years old, the tinnitus had significantly worsened to the point where I was regularly distressed and began to struggle with everyday activities. Sitting in the wrong part of the classroom at school would lead to a trigger from the road traffic or the boys’ breaking voices. The joy of playing in the local orchestra was overridden by the need to find the precise place I could sit in relation to the cellos and double basses.

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Why I Decorate My Hearing Aids

“What’s that behind your ear?” my customer asked me curiously as I placed her items in a bag.

I immediately stiffened up at the suddenness of the question, then relaxed again just as quickly.

“Oh, it’s a hearing aid,” I replied with a smile.

The customer looked directly at me, frozen on the spot. I knew she hadn’t expected that answer, and her face spelled out shock, confusion, and embarrassment. “Oh I’m sorry…” she began to say, before tailing off into an inaudible whisper. I smiled at her again.

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My 5 Favorite Ways to Use My Roger Pen

I have been the proud owner of a Phonak Roger Pen for a good few years now, so the handy little device has been in nearly every possible scenario in my day-to-day life.

If you’re not familiar with the Roger Pen, it is essentially a wireless microphone that connects to your hearing aids. It allows for better speech understanding in noise and over distance, plus Bluetooth connectivity. Whether you’re new or old to the system, there will always be uses for the Roger Pen that you may not have come across.

Here are my Top 5 favorite ways to use my Roger Pen:

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