April 18, 2017
musician hearing loss

Why musicians should be more aware of hearing loss

When noise-induced hearing loss occurs, it is often too late, irreversible and, if a significant loss, can be life-altering.
December 16, 2016

5 Perfect Gifts for Deaf Teens

As Christmas quickly approaches, it can be difficult to know what to gift a deaf or hard of hearing teenager.
November 21, 2016
Hearing Aids Helped my Tinnitus

How my Hearing Aids Helped my Tinnitus

My hearing aids helped my tinnitus by increasing sound from the real world, allowing my brain to no longer needed to generate sound from within.
November 10, 2016
decorating hearing aids

Why I Decorate My Hearing Aids

November 3, 2016

8 Moving Tips for Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing Dwellers

Moving houses can be stressful - particularly if there are communication difficulties. Here are some ways to make the move easier and less stressful.
August 12, 2016

My 5 Favorite Ways to Use My Roger Pen