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Watch: Deaf, out and proud with hearing loss

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Luke Christian was born with hearing loss, but he doesn’t allow his deafness to be a barrier in his life.

Equipped with Phonak hearing aids, the 26-year-old fashion blogger from the UK tries to use his deafness as an advantage, which he also encourages others to do in a regular vlog on the HearingLikeMe YouTube channel.

Deaf, Out & Proud with Mr. Luke Christian

Luke says he aims to add glamour and style into being deaf. In his hearing loss vlog, he discusses topics about working with hearing loss; dating as a deaf, gay man; making friends as someone with hearing loss; and advice he would now give himself or someone else growing up with hearing loss.

“Being deaf doesn’t mean that you have to fade into the background,” he says in his introduction video. “You can be as loud as you chuffing want.”

Gaining confidence with hearing loss

Hearing loss runs in Luke’s family. His mom, sister and generations of grandmothers also have hearing loss.

“We have each other to rely on and support each other,” he says.

But growing up with hearing loss wasn’t always easy.

“I didn’t always know what world I belonged to,” he says. “It was a constant battle, and I never knew where I fit in.”

A few years ago, he says he was “stuck in a rut.” That’s when a friend suggested he start a blog, which helped him find his voice in this loud world.

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Luke now reviews and does collaborations of products and clothing items from well-known brands, as well as provides male grooming tips, writes seasonal blogs and has a flourishing Instagram account. He has also become a well-known face in the deaf community in the UK. He has been named a finalist for two different categories in the UK Blog Awards 2016, and he recently started his own fashion brand: DEAF IDENTITY.

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As a Phonak hEARo and someone who strives to follow his passions, Luke says he’s grown a lot in his confidence over the years.

“It’s about how you navigate yourself between both worlds,” he says.

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