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New Phonak Naída Paradise hearing aid has powerful technology

Naída Paradise hearing aid

There’s a new hearing aid on the market for people who have severe to profound hearing loss. The Phonak Naída Paradise has the power that many crave with the addition of many innovative features.

Improvements in Naída Paradise Technology

The Naída Paradise is Phonak’s seventh generation model for severe-to-profound hearing loss. Compared to its predecessors, it is 14 percent smaller and 27 percent lighter. Depending on the model, it can carry sound up to 130 or 141 decibels.

The Naída Paradise’s AutoSense capability allows many features to work together seamlessly. The hearing aid will automatically adjust to your environment, making things louder or softer as needed. Instead of having to figure out where the sound is coming from, a built-in accelerator detects movement and has the microphones do the work for you.

Wireless Connectivity

The Naída Paradise has universal connectivity, which means it can wirelessly stream audio directly from practically anything. This is the only technology that allows two active Bluetooth connections simultaneously. Naída Paradise hearing aids also have RogerDirect, which allows you to receive the Roger remote microphone signal without any other accessories.

“The Naída Paradise has universal connectivity.”

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Other Features

Naída Paradise hearing aids can also be used as wireless headsets. A new feature called Tap Control will let you accept or end a call, or pause or resume streaming, all by double tapping on your ear. A tap on the other ear provides instant access to smartphone assistants like Siri.

In late spring, the myPhonak app’s 5.0 update will include the myPhonak Memory feature. This allows you to save a customized program from the app to the hearing aids. You’ll also be able to access the program you used last or look up other programs.

Coming Soon

In addition to the Naída Paradise hearing aids, new Roger technology is coming. The Roger On, a remote microphone, features MultiBeam 2.0 technology. It also has a better pointing mode. You’ll be able to zoom into a speaker just by pointing. It’ll be compatible with most hearing aids and cochlear implants. Like the myPhonak 5.0 app, Roger On will be introduced in select markets in late spring.

The Naída Paradise is already available for pre-order in select markets. It will begin shipping to select markets on February 22.

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Lisa A. Goldstein has a Masters in Journalism from UC Berkeley, a digital hearing aid, a cochlear implant, and plenty of deaf-friendly communication equipment. She spends her days juggling life as a freelance journalist, wife, and mother of two in Pittsburgh, PA.