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New Professor Hallux videos are a fun way to teach children about hearing loss

teaching children about hearing loss

When you are a child with hearing loss, sometimes understanding exactly what hearing loss is can be difficult. Phonak partnered with UK radio station Fun Kids Live, to create educational YouTube videos about hearing loss for children.

The YouTube videos are called, “Professor Hallux’s Hearing Help Desk.” Professor Hallux is a scientist works with Nurse Nanobot to learn how the ear works. 

Each video talks about a different topic of hearing loss. The topics range from explaining what an audiologist is, to protecting your hearing from noise, to how to communicate with hearing loss. 

Some of the ways that these videos can help children are with: 


Learning about concepts such as how to communicate with hearing loss, can help children be self-advocates. This can be important when your child is explaining to someone what communication method works best for them. They can also show the videos to their friends and family to help them understand what it is like for deaf and hard of hearing people communicate.

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Watching these videos can also equip children with confidence. If they understand how to talk about their hearing loss and why they have a hearing loss, the more confident they may feel when explaining their hearing loss.

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Understanding the importance of hearing health

Especially with technology nowadays, loud noises are more accessible to kids just through a pair of headphones. Knowing when to protect your hearing is important starting from a young age. 

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See all of Professor Hallux’s videos on YouTube here!

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