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These mothers share the most rewarding parts of raising children with hearing loss

raising children with hearing loss


Mothering a child with hearing loss has broadened my perspective. As a hearing person, I used to take certain things for granted. Now I understand that not everyone experiences the world the way I do. My hard-of-hearing daughter reminds me to have empathy in this diverse world.

A HearingLikeMe tradition for Mother’s Day is to ask moms to consider the question, “What’s the most rewarding thing about being a mother to a child with hearing loss?” Here’s what they said:

Meagan, @faithfullyraisingboys


“The most rewarding things for me in this journey of having two children with hearing loss has been seeing my kids respond to all the hard work we invest. They’ve responded so well to the early interventions, learning to hear with hearing aids, speech therapy, sign language and so much more. It’s rewarding watching my children show people that different is normal just by being who they are. They have changed me in that they have taught me how to embrace differences with confidence and security.”


Seila, @seila.c

“I’ve always felt like raising a deaf child is the same as raising a hearing child. Maybe it’s because my one and only child is deaf. She has struggles and challenges just like any other child, her’s are just more noticeable than other children’s. She has milestones that are celebrated just like anyone else’s. Seeing her progress in life and learn new things will always be so fulfilling. I’m sure when/if I have hearing children, that will be my favorite part as well.”

Lana, @lananissen


“I have been so blessed to see the world through a different lens – a more beautiful, full and empathetic lens. I want each sound they hear to be meaningful and kind. My kids hearing loss has made me a better human and advocate for a beautiful community I knew nothing about. They have taught me that their differences, although challenging at times, have made us a target for other families with various challenges. We know this is where we belong and where we are supposed to be!”

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Morgan Snook is a writer from the Pennsylvania Wilds region. She enjoys being outdoors with her husband and two beautiful daughters. Her youngest daughter has mild-to-moderately severe bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, probably genetic. She wears Phonak Sky hearing aids, which she got at three months old.