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The hottest hearing aid trend is a perfect fit for your ear

hearing aid ear molds

Hearing aids aren’t something to hide. With the sleek designs and fun colors of today’s hearing aids, users are able to show off their personality through their hearing aids.

Decorated hearing aids and accessories are all the rage, but the hottest new trend: custom hearing aid ear molds. 

Mike Sonnenberg, a 27-year-old hearing care professional in Germany, is a master at making custom ear molds, which he shows off on his Instagram account.

He says his goal is to make ear molds as beautiful and fashionable as possible so people are proud to show them off – whether they have hearing loss or not.

“It will be great once this negative perception regarding hearing aids no longer exists.”

“A super-designed hearing aid simply needs a super-designed ear mold that fits,” says Sonnenberg. “Eyeglasses are available in all possible colors and shapes, so why not the ear pieces? It will be great once this negative perception regarding hearing aids no longer exists. People can even wear these ear molds as jewelry, even if they do not need hearing aids.”

Sonnenberg says he creates the ear molds by sculpting them based on a person’s individual ear, personality and needs.

“I tend to deviate from the standard,” he says. “Traditional earmolds that are still manufactured how they were 50 years ago just don’t fit with the sleek designs of today’s hearing technology.”

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Glitter ear molds and ones swirled with multiple colors have also been popular recently, among adults and children.

If you’d like a custom ear mold for your hearing aids, Sonnenberg suggests talking to your audiologist or hearing care professional. Even if they can’t provide something similar to his unique designs, they should be able to provide color or glitter options.

“If you need hearing aids, why not use it as an opportunity to show off your individuality and pride,” he says. “Besides, not everyone can pull off such a great look.”

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