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January 14, 2016
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Parents push the boundaries for deaf kids

Every Friday we’ll feature the most buzzed about topics relating to the “hearing loss” community. Join us on social media or check in on the Hearing Like Me forum, and find out how our community is going viral!

We’re still amazed at all the wonderful hearing loss stories that went viral last year. Aside from our list of 10 Hearing Loss Stories that Defined 2015, two stories relating to the deaf community was picked by Mashable’s 10 Amazing Parents Who Inspired us in 2015 list.

Parents play such an important role in helping their children adjust to and be proud of wearing their hearing technology, and we’re glad they’re getting viral attention!

Here are the #1 and #6 stories from the list:

  1. A UK supermom designed colorful superhero hearing aids for kids.parents make cool hearing aids

  1. Alistair Campbell got a tattoo of a cochlear implant to match his daughter’s real one.
    deaf parents cochlear implant tattoo


Speaking of parents, this viral video of a deaf husband reacting to his wife’s pregnancy announcement touched our hearts. Watch this sweet reaction:


This year, we expect to see even more viral stories from our community, as deaf and hard of hearing individuals continue to push the boundaries on outdated stereotypes. Just like these deaf rappers taking on the music industry.


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