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Watch: How to decorate your hearing aids


Decorating hearing aids is a great way to show off individual style and increase confidence. Phonak hEARo Jessica Flores walks us through one way to decorate hearing aids.

“It’s totally up to you if you want to decorate them,” she says. “If you don’t want to decorate them, that’s fine. But while we have them, we might as well make them something that we enjoy wearing!”

Nail stickers, sticky paper and washi tape are some popular methods to decorate hearing aids. There are also pre-cut options that make decorating hearing aids super simple, such as Skinit designs for Phonak hearing aids and accessories.

decorating hearing aids

Those who do decorate their hearing aids say they feel more confident.

“When I wore beige hearing aids, I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed by them; they felt like large, ugly bananas behind my ears, and I was compelled to constantly hide them,” says Phonak hEARo Eloise Garland. “Nobody knew that I was deaf, and anyone who caught a glimpse of my hearing aids wouldn’t ask me about them out of fear of upsetting or embarrassing me.

“In contrast, when I began to decorate them, my confidence gradually increased as I felt a sense of ownership and pride over my hearing aids. My bright hearing aids also directly challenge society’s perceptions. They are pink and often covered with brightly colored stickers and patterns and have pink, lilac, and white swirled ear molds and colored tubes attached to them.”

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