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Your first college roommate, your best friend from seventh-grade, and even your grandma. Social media makes it easy to connect with everyone these days. While the majority of communication on these platforms is still done with chat, one important feature – video – is specifically making communication easier for the sign language community.

“Sign language users once had to meet at local deaf clubs to have conversations and share their views. Now, video on social media means things have changed,” deaf journalist Charlie Swinbourne told BBC news.


The number of Facebook groups for sign language – both ASL and BSL – is growing exponentially, and is a fun way for deaf people to find others they can connect with. Although the article points out some improvements that Facebook can still make to assist communication among deaf users, most deaf people say Facebook has helped give deaf people a voice they never had before.

“Facebook gives deaf people the confidence to come out and say things that they never would have said before because they didn’t have the platform to say it on. Confidence comes from being able to express your own thoughts in your own language – BSL,” says David Buxton, Director of Campaigns and Communications.

Confidence among deaf people and hearing aid users is one way that dramatically helps break down the stigma of hearing loss. One way we’ve noticed some people are displaying confidence in their hearing loss is with a cool hair style that’s perfect for showing off hearing aids: the side shave.

Both men and women are showing off their hearing aids with this new hair trend, which can look both edgy and feminine.

If you’re looking for some ‘hairspiration’ to change up your ‘do this year, check out these hearing aid wearers:

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Discover even more cool hairstyle and haircuts for hearing aids on Phonak’s Pinterest board

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