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More people are adding captions to Instagram stories, here’s how you can too


Instagram stories are one of the most popular features of Instagram, but most aren’t accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people.

When videos are posted on Instagram, there isn’t an automatic option to add in captions, but there still is a way to make Instagram stories accessible.

Instagram story captions have become a trending topic as more celebrities are using them and deaf activists advocate for implementing them.

Who is already using captions?

U.S. representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, began using captions to Instagram stories back in November 2018. She recently reminded us of the importance of accessibility on Twitter when she responded to deaf actor and activist, Nyle DiMarco’s tweet to United Airlines after he flew on an inaccessible flight.


DiMarco showed his gratitude for Ocasio-Cortez spreading accessibility awareness.



However, there is still a low number of people who include captions with their Instagram story, stressing the importance of spreading the awareness of the simplicity of adding captions.

How to add captions to Instagram stories

The easiest and most popular way to add captions to Instagram stories is to use the app Clipomatic. It costs $4.99 and allows users to add captions in 40 different languages. The app uses speech recognition to write out words while you are talking. Once you finish talking, you can manually edit the text to fix any misheard words.

According to Mashable, Apple Clips could also be used to make Instagram stories accessible.

“In addition to Clipomatic, other apps like Apple’s Clips can be used to easily add text, so why not give them a try?” reports Mashable. “Social media companies have a responsibility to make their platforms available to everyone, but while we wait for them to step up and update their apps, we can take it upon ourselves to make our own posts more accessible.”

Remind your favorite public figures to use this easy app and remind them that they can reach an audience of 466 million people through accessibility!

Are you interested in learning more about how to access captions on videos and social media? Read this full guide.

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