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The Bachelor host: ‘I’m not rude, I’m deaf’

Oscher Günsberg's hearing loss

Osher Günsberg, the 43-year-old host of Austrailia’s The Bachelor, has been opening up about the communication challenges he has with his hearing loss, revealing more about his hearing loss journey. 

During an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald. Osher described the difficulties he faces having a hearing loss while being in the pop culture spotlight. 

“People can think you are ignoring them or being rude when that’s not the case,” Osher says. “I simply can’t hear you.”

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He also mentions how hearing loss can be isolating, and the challenges that come with trying to listen during loud events with many cameras.

Osher’s hearing loss journey

Osher first revealed his hearing loss by showing off his Phonak hearing aids on Instagram in November 2016, by giving advice to his fans about safe listening practices. “Wear earplugs. Turn your earbuds down,” he said.

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Over a year later, Osher gives us more details about his hearing loss journey during his interview.

Not only does he have hearing loss, but tinnitus to go along with it, he says. Both came from when he was a roadie in his late teens. He didn’t notice the loss in hearing until years later when he became conscious about how loud he had to turn up his car stereo to hear it. 

His hearing loss affects his celebrity life and also his home life, he says. Osher recognizes the effect that his hearing loss has on his wife, make-up artist Audrey Griffin, and her 13-year-old daughter. 

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A goal to spread hearing loss awareness

Osher is now working to spread hearing loss awareness by being an ambassador for a charity called The Shepherd Centre. This organization provides speech therapy programs for children with hearing loss, preparing them for mainstream schooling. 

Osher says that he feels helping these children is important because of what he has gone through with his hearing loss. 

“It can be very isolating to have hearing loss as an adult, so I can only imagine what that would be like for a small child,” he says.

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We look forward to continuing seeing hearing loss awareness and advocacy from Osher. 

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