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Talking about Hearing Loss this Holiday Season

5 ways to start the conversation about hearing loss with your loved ones during the holiday season

Holiday Hearing Loss Gift Guide

Interesting and unique gift ideas for your family members and friends with hearing loss!

Holiday inspired Hearing Aids & Cochlear Implants

5 Holiday Sensory Games to Play with your Deaf Child

Deaf children tend to respond really well to games that stimulate all of the senses, which is why I have gathered 5 of my favorite DIY sensory activities.

Tips to make the holidays special for children with hearing loss

Celebrating holidays with hearing loss can bring challenges. Here are some simple ways to make holidays special for those with hearing loss.

These hearing aid accessories are perfect to use over the holidays

8 Holiday Gifts Perfect for People with Hearing Loss

With the holidays just around the corner, I have created a list of my favourite gifts for those with a hearing loss.

What to expect over the holidays if you’re deaf

Your 2018 holiday gift guide for those with hearing loss!

Tips for preparing for the holidays if you have hearing loss

America’s Deaf Top Model and Deafness’ “Cultural Moment”

Deaf man wins America’s Next Top Model, Broadway musicals and Santas turn to sign language

The Star Wars force is with us

With the new film being released this week, we have some fun examples of how the Star Wars fever has integrated into the hearing loss community.

5 reasons why hearing aids are the original “wearable tech”

Wearables, wearable technology, fashion technology… the Internet of Things pretty much started with the hearing aid.

The First Time I Resented My Hearing Aids

But Your Hearing is Perfect

What Colour Are Yours?

“Can you really work as a hearing care professional with your bad hearing?”

Making Music Again – A Grand Leap Forward with Hearing Loss

5 tips for teaching a deaf child to swim

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