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December 2, 2019
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2019 Holiday Gift Guide for people with hearing loss

gift guide for people with hearing loss
The holidays can be stressful, especially when trying to decide what gifts to buy for your friends and family.

I’ve rounded up a 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for people with hearing loss in hopes that your gift-giving journey may be a little be easier and more fun this holiday season!

Gifts made by people who are deaf and hard of hearing

The first category in this gift guide for people with hearing loss is gifts made by creators with hearing loss.


DEAF IDENTITY is a fashion brand created by Luke Christian. He was born with hearing loss and is determined to promote deaf awareness and help others be comfortable with their deaf identity. The clothes are chic and comfortable!

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ASL products by Rings and Coffee 

Photo credit: @ringsandcoffee

Need some good stocking stuffers? This is the place to go. Get everything from rings to notebooks to phone covers with ASL designs. This shop was created by a set of twins; one is hearing and one is Deaf!

Fingerspelling Course by Ashley of @signedwithheart


Ashley believes knowing the fundamentals of fingerspelling with help you communicate with a Deaf person. The course is fun, simple, and is the perfect way to learn something new!

Hearing Aid charms 


Hayleigh started creating hearing aid charms to accessorize hearing aids. She hopes this will make people more comfortable in showing their hearing aids! Not only that, 10 percent of the proceeds go to furthering hearing research and education for the hard of hearing and deaf community.

Fun Gifts

Deaf Swag

Looking for some fun play on “deaf” words as gifts? This is your spot! They have shirts, buttons, and more sporting phrases like “If I wasn’t deaf, I’d still ignore you!” or “Honk all you want, I’m deaf!”

Hearing Aid Decorations 

Similar to the hearing aid charms, these hearing aid stickers and decorations are a fun way to express your personality! Note, this is a UK shop but they ship internationally.

Dolls and Stuffed Animals with Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants

I was never much of a doll or stuffed animal kind of person when I was a kid, but I don’t remember ever seeing any with hearing aids. There are several options now, including an American Girl Doll! I think something like this would have made me feel more comfortable about my own hearing aids.

“I think something like this would have made me feel more comfortable about my own hearing aids.”

Books That Feature Characters who are deaf or hard of hearing

At HLM, we’ve been reading books featuring characters who are deaf or hard of hearing and have loved each book so far. Here are a few we’ve enjoyed:

El Deafo by Cece Bell

Emerald City by Brian Birnbaum

My Hard of Hearing Life by Cynthia Dixon

On Being Human by Jen Pastiloff

Practical Gifts

Phonak Accessories

Looking for something to help you hear more clearly in a specific situation? Phonak accessories have you covered!

Hearing Aid Sweatband

For those who sweat a lot or may be exposed to water, this is the perfect gift! It’s a hearing aid sock of sorts to keep your “ears” dry.

Vibrating Alarm Clock

With this gift, you never have to rely on someone else making sure you get to work or school on time!

Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

If the movement of a vibrating alarm clock is too much for you, try the wake-up light alarm clock.

Wifi Digital Doorbell

In case you don’t hear the doorbell ring, this doorbell sends a notification to your phone every time someone is at the door.

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Hope this holiday gift guide for people who have hearing loss is helpful. Happy Holidays and happy gifting!

Author Details
Ashley is a 29-year-old who loves to travel and try new things. She has bi-lateral, severe hearing loss, and wears a Phonak Naída V-SP hearing aid in one ear and has an Esteem implant in the other. She plays soccer for the USA Women’s National Deaf Team. She’s currently traveling the world in pursuit of adventure and perspective while also learning about the deaf and hard of hearing communities in various countries. Her travels can be followed on instagram @ashley5chanel or on her blog