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Your 2018 holiday gift guide for those with hearing loss!

gifts for those with hearing loss


It’s that time of year again and it is time to buy gifts for the festive season!

I’ve rounded up my top 10 favorite gifts for those with hearing loss.

1) All things ASL

I discovered Rings and Coffee on Instagram this year, and I fell in love with all their products! There’s everything from jewelry to dog tags, notebooks to stickers and they all have cute ASL prints on them!

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UPDATES: It is now up in our shop! 😍 And yes, you can request to have your phone number along with the name (ASL or Letters)! Yay!👏🏻 . . Please note that the tag is aluminum and can’t be stamped on the back. . . FRIENDS! We have great news for you! 🙌🏻😍 Thank you so much for your patience! Tags will be up in the shop tonight at 8pm sharp! Get your $5 ready for yours! 😘🐕 . . Isn’t this pawsome?! 🐾 Wrexie is turning 10 tomorrow! Happy Woofday, Wrexie! 🎉And Delilah is her sister. And then their friends, my baby girl, Mika! . . #ringsandcoffee #washingtondc #handstampedjewelry #jewelry #ASL #Deafcommunity #Deaf #smallshop #etsy #dogsofinstagram #love #dontshopadopt #pitbulllove #pawsome #friends #dogtags #dontshopadopt #pawprint #pawsome #paws #paw #mikathepitbull🐕

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2) Out and about?

These cute badges are not only a fashion accessory but are helpful to let others know about deafness, simply search ‘deaf’ and there’s a list of badges available!

3) Movies featuring #deaftalent

What about a newly-released DVD featuring deaf actors? Plus, they’re subtitled!

I recommend “A Quiet Place and The Shape of Water” – pure entertainment!

4) Toy Heaven!

I wish there were toys with hearing aids when I was younger… but guess what? There are so many toys, dolls, action figures and more with hearing aids and cochlear implants! The perfect gift to help your child feel more included with their hearing loss.

There are many options of places to buy toys from such as Toy Like Me, Hear Like Me and Walmart!

5) For the one that travels a lot

Little pouches and mini bags are always useful when traveling or for a mini stay-cation. They even come in handy daily to pop all your hearing technology essentials in!

I love this brand; Totes with Love, they can add ASL personalized embellishments for you!

6) When life gives you lemons…

Buy a lemon! If you haven’t heard little Carly’s inspiring story, she makes stuffed lemons to raise funds to buy hearing devices for children who can’t afford them. These lemons make a cute little present, and all for a rewarding cause!

7) Books, and more books

I read “Silent Song” by Jaci Wheeler when I was on holiday and I loved it, a fantastic read for deaf teenagers (it’s a love story featuring a deaf character!)

These books also have deaf characters in too!

“What the Jackdaw Saw” by Julia Donaldson- Did you know? The author Julia Donaldson has a hearing loss! She famously wrote The Gruffalo!

“Dachy’s Deaf” by Jack Hughes

“El Deafo” by Cece Bell

“Leo gets hearing aids” and “Leo gets a Roger system”– There’s nothing more awesome than Phonak’s trusty mascot; Leo! Why not treat them to a stuffed Leo toy and a book all about him on his adventures?

Speak to your audiologist to see where you can buy it!

8) T-shirts, pillows, ornaments, you name it

This site has it! There are some cool things on here, suitable for anyone! I love the funny t-shirts, amazing deaf humor!

gifts for those with hearing loss

Pillowcase from Cafe Press

Handy 5 in 1 tool!

I was so shocked when I found this “5 in 1 hearing aid cleaning tool“. That’s right, five tools in one small container. This is something I’ve needed my whole life! Plus, it’s a cool Christmas stocking present idea!

gifts for those with hearing loss

Stay dry!

The Phonak D-Dry box is a staple piece of hearing aid care kit, keeps your aids dry and ready for use the next day. Ask your audiologist to order it for you!

gifts for those with hearing loss

Looking for more inspiration?

There’s plenty of other Gift Guides on HearingLikeMe, including this one. Happy Holidays!

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Ellie was born profoundly deaf, uses verbal communication, lipreads and wears Phonak Sky Q hearing aids. She is currently learning British Sign Language. Ellie hasn’t let her disability stand in the way and embraces every new challenge. Her deafness didn’t prevent her from achieving major accomplishments in her life, such as excelling in her education, previously working as a Marketing Executive and now as an Events Coordinator for a deaf organization, as well as blogging for Hearing Like Me. She is passionate about deaf awareness, campaigning for equality and helping others through her personal blog as Deafie Blogger.