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December 13, 2021
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Holiday gift guide 2021: gifts for people with hearing loss

gift guide for people with hearing loss

Tis the season!

We’re back again, this time with 2021 holiday gifts for people with hearing loss.

Hearing Technology

Phonak Roger Touchscreen Mic

With masks being made compulsory as a safety measure in public spaces such as schools, this is the perfect gift for any child who might be struggling to hear their teacher and friends within the classroom. The teacher wears this simple microphone around their neck or places it on the table. The most innovative part about it is that it is fully automatic. Rather than a child having to manually change the settings, the mic switches automatically from an individual talker to a small group interaction mode depending on the placement. The mic is also useful for anyone with hearing loss who struggles in public settings.

Phonak Roger On

best hearing technology 2022

Roger On is a microphone dedicated for conversations that occur in noisy environments or with distanced speakers. It’s similar to the Touchscreen Mic, but is smaller. It has MultiBeam 2.0 technology, which allows it to distinguish the speaker. You can also zoom in on who’s talking in a group conversation.

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Phonak Paradise P90 Hearing Aids

The live stream and water-resistant features on these hearing aids happen to be my favorite mainly because I can watch shows hands-free while washing my face or doing house chores. It also has a dynamic noise cancellation feature that allows you listen to music without having to worry about background noise.

Anyone with hearing loss looking for an upgrade in their hearing quality levels can be more supported with the Phonak Paradise P90 hearing aids!

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Home Technology

Ring Video Doorbell 

This is the perfect solution for people who sometimes miss deliveries due to not hearing the doorbell. The Ring Video Doorbell lets you see, hear and speak to anyone at your door from a distance on your phone. Features include motion alert and night vision. It has been highly rated for people with hearing loss. If you want the doorbell with the chime, it is currently on sale.

Geemarc SBT600SS Alarm Clock (UK)

This alarm clock is amazing, especially for those with hearing loss. Its size makes it convenient for travel. The vibrating pad is designed to be placed under the pillow.

Jewelry and Accessories 

kMabel Co Gift Card (UK)

kMabel Co sells jewelry, clothing, and accessories like mini bags and card cases. Some of the proceeds from earring purchases go to hearing aids for young students in Senegal and Mozambique. The gift card allows the recipient to pick what they like. Note: Delivery to countries outside the UK is pricy.

“Some of the proceeds from earring purchases go to hearing aids for young students in Senegal and Mozambique.”

Personalized Sign Language Mugs (UK)

For our coffee, tea, or hot chocolate lovers, this mug is a great gift. Your loved one’s name is spelled out in ASL. Many colors are offered.

Toy Representation

American Doll with Hearing Aids

Joss Kendrick, the Girl of the Year 2020, is the first American Doll with hearing loss. Her hearing aid comes with its accompanying case and a brush to keep the sand out. She also has a backup hearing aid. This is perfect for children who haven’t found dolls to whom they can relate.

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Feel free to share more suggestions about gifts for people with hearing loss. The more the merrier!

Happy Holidays!

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