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#HearingLossHour: Share your hearing loss stories on Twitter

#HearingLossHour is a monthly, hour-long Twitter chat, dedicated to bringing people with hearing loss together, to share their experiences and support one another. It is facilitated by Angie Aspinall via her Twitter account, @hearinglosshour. #HearingLossHour takes place between 1pm

Upgrading my hearing aids to Phonak CROS II

The day had arrived.  We were off on holiday and, en route, we were stopping off somewhere rather special: my audiologist’s office so I could be fitted with the new Phonak CROS II and Phonak Audéo V hearing aids.

I …

7 ways to celebrate a “hearing birthday”

In my last post I shared the build-up to Harry’s cochlear implant “switch on” and a little bit about his reactions on the day. It’s hard to believe, but that memorable day – March 4 – was more than a

7 tips for managing a toddler’s cochlear implant

A cochlear implant may look incredibly simple to put on and take off but the assembly behind them and the care that they need can be a little overwhelming, especially on a baby or toddler!

When we were first sent …

7 Tips for Travelling with a Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing Child

As much as I love traveling abroad, it can be a daunting experience taking a toddler or child on a plane to another country – even more daunting if you’re travelling with a deaf child.  However,there are things that you

Aging Brains, Not Ears, May Cause Hearing Difficulties

The reason you may have to say something twice when talking to older family members at Thanksgiving dinner may not be because of their ears.

New research suggests older people’s difficulty hearing speech in loud noise may actually be because …

These are the best toys for hearing impaired babies

Are talking toys for deaf children naughty or nice?

If you walk into a toy store this holiday season, chances are you may be bombard with repetitive tunes, mechanical voices and motorized movements. Toys that make sound are all the …

Easy Tips to Survive Family Gatherings if you have Hearing Loss

Loud TVs, screaming children, family talking over each other. Holidays can be tough for those with hearing loss.

So what are the best tips to survive family gatherings?

We asked our Twitter community to find out… 

Why is remembrance marked by two minutes of silence?

Silence is not always part of our everyday lives: noise interrupts the majority of the waking day for most people. In a series of blog posts, I will be exploring ‘silence’ and ‘noise’, and I’ve chosen to start today with

Practical Gift Ideas for Hearing Aid Users

When it comes to giving gifts for people with hearing loss, there are two ways to go – practical gifts, things the recipient will find useful but wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves; or luxury items, gifts to indulge the recipient. 

21 Gift Ideas For People with Hearing Loss that Delight the Senses

Christmas is the perfect time to indulge loved ones and show them how much you care. Wouldn’t it be nice to give an extra thoughtful present to a friend or relative with hearing loss this Christmas? We thought we’d take

Teen Life: My Deaf friends don’t like clubbing

Clubbing is a popular activity for many young adults, but after going to parties with my friends, I’ve noticed a few reasons why some of my Deaf friends don’t like clubbing.

Of course, going clubbing is not for everyone, but …

Deaf and Dating? 8 Tips for a Successful Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are not easy, and being in a long distance relationship with a deaf person can be even more challenging. 

Good communication is key in a successful relationship. When I’m with my long-distance boyfriend, it’s like a perfect …

3 Tips for a Perfect Valentine’s Day Date With Hearing Loss

Valentine’s Day is here!  A day of pink hearts, red roses, sometimes even golden rings, and—for those of us who struggle with hearing loss—it can be totally nerve-wracking.

We want to be romantic. We want to be attentive to our …

3 ways my mom helped me succeed with hearing loss

Why I finally decided my dad needs hearing aids

Have you ever asked your parents if they can hear the birds? Or if they are able to enjoy the tones in music like they used to?

I’ve been working in the hearing aid industry for a couple years now, …

4 awesome moments you can only hear in Australia

Tourism Australia recently released a list the most awesome moments that can only be experienced in Australia, which makes us immediately want to go Down Under.

Featured on the list are beautiful locations and animals, but it got us thinking… …

Why we chose a waterproof cochlear implant for our child

When choosing a manufacturer and model of a cochlear implant for our son, Harry, there were a variety of options. One of the most important factors to us was that we wanted it to be waterproof.

This led us to …

Ask Anna: How do I dry my hearing aids?

Ask Anna is a weekly advice column for the hearing loss community. 

Dear Anna,

During the summer months, I have a hard time taking care of my hearing aids. I am worried that they are being over-exposed to moisture because …

Deaf photographer lets his photos tell the story

Having hearing loss wasn’t always easy for Michael Cook growing up.

The 21-year-old went through the common “up-and-down rollercoaster” that most people born with hearing loss go through; the miscommunications, the stigmas… the stereotypes. 

“From being excluded from social events …