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December 12, 2017
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December 14, 2017

These hearing aid accessories are perfect to use over the holidays

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, it’s great to be prepared for your own hearing loss, or if a member of your family has one too.

We’ve come prepared with this guide (hint – they might be good present ideas too!)

Phonak Roger Pen or other wireless hearing accessories

roger pen

The trusty Roger Pen is great to use over dinner for the all-important family chats. It can be used for a one-to-one talk or in a group setting. If you are talking to one person, they can wear it as a direct microphone. The microphone will cut out background noise and focus on their voice. Or, it can be placed in the middle of a group to pick up the speaker’s voice. The sound goes directly to the hearing aid user’s ears. It is perfect for situations with a lot of background noise.

There are other great alternatives too, speak to your audiologist or hearing aid provider to see what they recommend.

A smartphone or tablet with apps!

hearing aid accessories

If you have a smartphone or tablet there are lots of fantastic apps which you can download to help around the holidays. Catch your favorite holiday tune with Soundhound, an app to recognize what song is playing. If you are looking for an app to translate speech, try App MyEar. This is always handy to type notes to one another if all other communication methods don’t work!

Phonak Compilot Air 

There’s nothing like cozying up in the lounge watching festive TV and films. The Phonak Compilot Air can help you enjoy those moments by streaming sound directly from the TV to your hearing aids. This allows family around you to enjoy it too without having the volume turned up to extremes.

You can purchase this technology through your audiologist. 

Phonak D-dry Box

how do I dry my hearing aids

For the adventurer, the leisurely stroller or anyone who enjoys going for a walk in the winter, it’s important to protect your hearing aids from moisture. In the colder months, with damper air it’s often good to use the D-dry box to remove all the excess moisture from the hearing aids.

Smartwatches or alert systems

hearing aid accessories

Being notified about the doorbell or kitchen timer can be made easier with smartwatches and flashing or vibrating alert systems. With technology nowadays, you can have everything you need right on your wrist with a vibrating notification!

Have a fantastic Christmas break and here’s some ‘Tips to make the holidays special for children with hearing loss’ to send you on your way!

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