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5 Holiday Sensory Games to Play with your Deaf Child

Deaf children tend to respond really well to games that stimulate all of the senses, which is why I have gathered 5 of my favorite DIY sensory activities.

Community Spotlight: 10 year old hears the sound of wind for the first time

Jaden is in 4th grade and just heard the sound of wind for the first time, thanks to his Phonak CROS Hearing Aid and Phonak Sky V.

Two babies born deaf, mom finds solace and laughter with first hearing aids

“The journey started just on day two of life,” says Melissa Hyder.”Both of my children did not pass the newborn hearing screening test that was performed at the hospital.” Melissa, […]

The one hearing aid accessory that makes parenting so much easier

Utilizing the Phonak Roger Inspiro at home with hearing aids made a huge difference while parenting our children with hearing loss.

5 Common Hearing Aid Challenges for Kids and How to Solve Them

If you have an infant wearing hearing aids, then you know how incredible it is to have your child hear your voice clearly for the first time. However, you might […]

Thanking the people in my hearing journey

As a “Phonak hEARo” and HearingLikeMe.com writer, Phonak’s 70th anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on and thank those special people who have been influential with getting me where I […]

Mom writes children’s book about hearing aids: Max and His Hearing Aids

Emily Mikoski, mother of Max, author of Max and His Hearing Aids, wrote a children’s book based off of her son’s experiences to provide a resource for families who are […]

3 tips for explaining mild hearing loss to friends and family

My daughter, Lucy, got hearing aids when she was three. The road from her failed newborn hearing screening to the day she was fit with her hearing aids was a […]

Why I love using Roger hearing technology in the summer

My family loves the summertime and having Roger wireless microphone products to connect with hearing aids makes our summer experiences so much more memorable.  Summer break is here and my […]

How I found the answer to ‘What caused my son’s hearing loss?’

“What caused the hearing loss?” The one question that continued to circle around us when we first found out our son is hard of hearing.  We were shocked. Ayden was […]

How hearing aids helped me rediscover my love for music

I’ve always been a fan of music, but as I slowly lost my hearing the songs didn’t sound right. Do hearing aids make music sound better? In my case they changed my life.

Tips for teaching a preschooler with hearing loss

  “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela Teachers are amazing. Their ability to juggle multiple levels and abilities of students […]

“What’s in your ears?”: How we answer questions about our children’s hearing aids

Growing up wearing hearing aids, my children heard the question, “What is in your ears?” more times than we can count. The question typically comes from a curious child or […]

Can my child learn to play a musical instrument with their hearing loss?

I always say that anything is possible in life, although it would be a perfectly understandable assumption for people to think that some activities could be too difficult for deaf […]

Guest Post: ‘Embrace your hearing aids’

This article is originally appeared on The Deaf Geeky Guy blog and is written by Todd Fonder. A wise man once said “If you wear your hearing aids, embrace them. Be appreciative […]

Why I love being part of a hearing loss community

  Recently, I was lucky enough to join the Here to Hear Tour for a few days. During my time there I met up with fellow “Phonak hEARos.” Spending time […]

Tips to make the holidays special for children with hearing loss

Celebrating holidays with hearing loss can bring challenges. Here are some simple ways to make holidays special for those with hearing loss.

Why I build resiliency in my children to overcome challenges with hearing loss

As a mom of children with hearing loss, I’ve realized how living with hearing loss will have unique setbacks. Though I’ve also realized that life isn’t about how well you […]

“Mom, dad why you don’t wear hearing aids?”

“Mom, Dad, why do I wear hearing aids and you don’t?” My son asked with curiosity mixed with confusion in his eyes. When Ayden first expressed his awareness of his […]

Why I am grateful for my children’s hearing loss

“If you want to find happiness, find gratitude” – Steve Maraboli. Practicing gratitude has been a goal for my family over the past year. One way we have done this […]