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Ellen Chats with Deaf, Blind High School Football Player

Ellen Degeneres deaf blind athlete

An inspiring deaf, blind high school athlete was featured on The Ellen Show on Monday, sharing his story.

Marvin Pearson went blind and deaf in fourth grade, and now wears a cochlear implant. He told Ellen Degeneres that doctors don’t know the reason for his hearing loss, but he does have a retinal detachment that contributes to his vision loss. 

“To be honest, I didn’t even realize I was losing my hearing,” Pearson told Ellen. “I didn’t realize my hearing was going until they fixed me up with a hearing aid. And then I finally realized I can hear a lot better than what I did before.”

Person said going deaf and blind at the same time when he was 8 years old both mentally and emotional matured him.

“I realized it’s time for me to grow up and it’s time for me to prove to the world… that people with disabilities can do anything that you can do.”

For sharing his story, he was given a visit to see his favorite NFL team and a monetary gift toward his college education.

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