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Nyle Marco: ‘What Foxx did on Fallon made our struggle that much harder’

nyle dimarco tonight show sign language

Model and advocate Nyle DiMarco is standing up for the deaf community, after two celebrities pretended to use sign language on a late-night TV show. 

The incident occurred Friday during “The Tonight Show,” when Jamie Foxx used pretend sign language with host Jimmy Fallon.

DiMarco, the “America’s Top Model” and “Dancing with the Stars” winner, was quick to respond on Twitter.

“It is straight up disrespectful to make up sign language,” he wrote. “Everything is in gibberish.”

DiMarco also questioned Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show, asking how this was allowed to be on air.

That wasn’t the end of the discussion for DiMarco. He continued to explain why it was inappropriate for Foxx and Fallon to use gibberish sign language as a joke. DiMarco tweeted a longer response.

“We simply do not make fun at the expense of other cultures, especially those with a history of being marginalized,” he wrote. “When we do this, progress takes a step backwards… What Foxx did on Fallon Tonight made our struggle that much harder.”

Actress and activist Marlee Matlin also joined in the conversation with a response to Jamie Foxx.“I’d be happy to give you sign language lessons so you could be funnier,” she wrote.

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Will Foxx follow the footsteps of Chris Pratt and take the time to apologize in proper sign language to the community he offended? We will see if he puts out a response.

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