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Why I carry my Roger Select with me everywhere at work

You can rarely find 40-year-old Lydie Guillier without her Roger Select at the workplace.

“I don’t go anywhere without my Roger Select,” Lydie, who is a logistics manager working in the banking sector in Champagne-Ardenne in Reims, France, says.

Lydie has a hearing loss and tells of how she always carries her Roger Select with her. Carrying her Roger Select allows her to feel secure and know that she won’t miss anything important in a meeting or during a call.

“Roger Select is so flexible and easy to adapt to what happens during the day,” she says. “All of my meetings, whether spontaneous or planned, are so much more effective when I have it with me. In principle, I use it the whole day because, quite simply, it makes my day go much more smoothly.”

To hear is to participate

Lydie’s working days are varied and she says that normal days at work don’t exist. The variation in her work is something that appeals to her a lot. But the varied work also sets demands that Lydie can change between work tasks unhindered and quickly acquaint herself with different situations. That’s when Roger Select is indispensable.

“I usually attach it to my work folder so that I can easily aim the microphone towards whoever is talking during a conversation,” Lydie explains. “I can also position it close to a phone during a conference call. This means I can hear everything that is said and participate unhindered in all of the discussions.”

In larger meetings where a lot of people take part, Lydie positions her Roger Table Mic II microphones on the conference table. The microphones select the person who’s talking and switch automatically between the meeting participants. This is something that makes it easy for Lydie to actively participate in all the meetings.

She also tells of occasional situations when she hears better than the people around her with full hearing.

“When there are a lot of people in the room and the sound level is high, sometimes someone asks me to repeat what was said”, she says with a smile.

Just as clear-cut as glasses are for other people

Now it goes without saying that Lydie takes her Roger Select with her, wherever she goes. Put simply, it’s as much a matter of course for her as for other people who put on their glasses in the morning.

“In many ways, I have the technical solutions to thank for the fact that my working life is going so well and that I have had the opportunity for self-fulfillment in the way I have today.”

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