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How my Roger Select helps me in the workplace

Roger select in the workplace
For the first time, Trish Crowther, from West Yorkshire, England, has been able to participate in meetings and socially at work when using her Phonak Roger Select.

Using the Roger Select in the workplace has made her work in quality control more enjoyable.

Trish has a progressive hearing impairment which means she will gradually lose all her hearing. Due to her hearing gradually deteriorating over the years, she has increasingly had to ask people to repeat what they just said. When it became frequent, she started to feel that her life was being affected by her hearing loss.

Why Roger Select was the right solution

Even though Trish was wearing hearing aids, she didn’t feel like she was completely benefitting from them and was worried she would be forced to give up her job.

“It felt good to know I was wrong”, she says and tells of how the solution was the Roger Select microphone, which changed her life in a radical and positive way.

“Today I can participate in meetings unhindered and take part in all of the discussions,” she says. “When I’m in a larger meeting I ask the meeting holder to attach the Roger Select to his or her shirt or blouse. Then I position the Roger Table Mic II table microphone on the table and the meeting can start. Imagine that it can be so easy to solve the problem of not being able to hear.”

Improvement in the workplace

Shelley Watson, who is Trish’s manager and colleague, has noticed a great difference in Trish once she started using Roger. 

“I have worked together with Trish for seven years, so we know each other well,” Shelly explains. “Since Trish started using the Roger Select, she glows with self-confidence and is much happier. The isolation that became an unfortunate effect of her hearing impairment quite simply just disappeared when in some ways she got her hearing back.”

Not only does Trish’s Roger technology help her in meetings, but it also helps her socially.

“Now I can participate in the social scene at work a lot more,” says Trish. “Previously I could quite simply not join in the small talk which is so important for well-being at work. Now I can participate in everything that’s going on, all I need to do is start Roger and I’m involved.”

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Have you tried a Roger Select in the workplace before?

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