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Ask Anna: What is the Phonak myCall-to-text app?

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Dear Anna I recently purchased new Phonak hearing aids and my Audiologist told me about this myCall-to-text app that I can use to transcribe my phone calls live. I have looked into it but want to know why I have to pay? Are there different options?

Deanne-  New hearing aid user

Hi Deanne,

I looked into this for you and there are a few options that you could explore.

The myCall-to-Text app is a transcription service for which there is a monthly subscription. The subscription is directly handled via the app store and can be canceled whenever you choose.

For this fee, you receive the transcription service, the calls to landline and mobile phones and a new virtual phone number that is used for all the myCall-to-text calls. For Phonak Marvel hearing aids there is a reduced price for the subscription.

It works well with the Phonak Marvel hearing aids as you have the ability to easily read the text on the screen of the phone while calling, but it is also possible to use this App with other hearing aids or without hearing aids at all.


Also, calls are free between myCall-to-Text App users.

There is also a “try before you buy” free option where you have one hour of the service for outgoing calls to any number that is valid for three months. For this, there is no contract or costs. This article explains the pricing models and how to pay in detail.

I hope this helps and you decide to try out the App. I would love to receive your feedback on your experience using the app.


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Learn more about the myCall-to-text app here!

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