Ask Anna: Should I remove my hearing aid batteries over night?

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Dear Anna,

I read that batteries should be removed from hearing aids at night. I have been leaving them in with the door open and placing the hearing aids in a dehumidifier overnight. Should I be taking the batteries out? Should the batteries be inside or outside of the dehumidifier? Thank you for your input. – Bob

Hi Bob,

As long as the door is opened fully, so there is no chance that the hearing aid is still on, you do not need to completely remove the battery.

I have always recommended people switch off their hearing aids overnight by opening the hearing aid door, so you are doing the right thing.  (What we don’t want is the hearing aids batteries to be damp or wet.)

As for placing the hearing aids batteries into the dehumidifier, this is also absolutely fine. 

Taking such good care of your hearing aids will prolong their life and will make sure that they will always be functioning at their best when you put them back on in the morning. 

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I hope this helps to reassure you.

Kind regards,



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