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Tired of Batteries Falling Out of Your Hearing Aids?

Maybe it’s because I’m a newbie (less than three years) hearing aid wearer with mild-to-medium hearing loss, but this has been a subject of continued annoyance for me. Of course, […]

Ask Anna: How do I know when my child’s hearing aid batteries are dead?

Ask Anna is a weekly advice column for the hearing loss community.  Dear Anna, My 5-month-old has had her hearing aids for a few months now, and we check and clean […]

Ask Anna: Should I remove my hearing aid batteries over night?

Ask Anna is a weekly advice column for the hearing loss community.  Dear Anna, I read that batteries should be removed from hearing aids at night. I have been leaving them […]

Ask Anna: Is there an easier way to change hearing aid batteries?

My mother has arthritis and has a hard time changing her hearing aid batteries herself. Is there a better solution?

Simplify Life: Rechargeable hearing aids save 500 batteries

Imagine a world where powering your hearing aids is just as easy as charging your cell phone each night.

The Dangers of Hearing Aid Batteries for Pets and Children

How many of us who handle hearing aid batteries on a daily basis realize that we’re handing something as potentially lethal as poison?

I hate changing hearing aid batteries in public

When your hearing aid batteries die, where do you go? I recently asked this apparently strange question on my blog because I wanted to find out if other people did […]

Understanding rechargeable hearing aid batteries

With climate change efforts ramping up across the globe, it’s time to look at the impact our hearing aids have on the environment. Batteries are among the most disposed of […]

Hearing Aid Costs – Ways to save money in the purchasing process

Learn about potential ways you can save money on hearing aid costs.

Becoming “Me.”

Coping with the everyday challenges of raising a hard-of-hearing child

Traveling With Hearing Loss

Travel tips for hearing loss from an experienced traveler. Prepare for your airplane, train, bus, and hotel adventures!

Measuring the Cost of Hearing Loss.

When Jagger Winkler lost his hearing to meningitis at 17 months, his parents knew they had to act fast. The inability to hear impedes a child’s ability to acquire spoken […]

The Childcare Challenge

When your child has hearing loss, the daunting task of selecting good care gets even more complicated.

Silence Is Golden… Sometimes

The times I feel ‘least deaf’ are actually the times when I am most deaf. Allow me to explain… When my partner’s at home, I tend to use my hearing […]

The Tent, the Hearing Aids and Me

There’s a brilliant book called ‘The Tent, the Bucket and Me’ by Emma Kennedy, which tells of her childhood camping experiences. Now, I don’t profess to have any of her […]

The Wash of Shame

It began with an ear infection and an early return from choir practice. My director sent me home after noticing that my energy levels were cut in half. Usually, I […]

How Exponential Growth in Computing Power Will Bring About ‘Magical’ Hearing Aids

On National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered” recently was the story of a woman whose hearing problems were diagnosed at age 5, in 1993. She had moderate to severe loss […]


In the same day, I both forgot that I was wearing my hearing aids before jumping under the shower, and that I should maybe carry spare batteries before going to […]

What Is Waiting For Us Around The Corner

A few days ago I stumbled upon a Forbes article about 4 game-changing technologies for the deaf and hard of hearing. I read it with interest, as I keep rubbing […]

How About A Sport Hearing Aid?

I love thinking about new features for hearing aids. OK – I guess that makes me a little bit weird, but when something is such an important lifeline to communication, […]