Ask Anna: Should I get a new hearing aid?

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Dear Anna: I’ve had my hearing aid for almost seven years, and I love it! I haven’t had any serious problems with it, but lately I’ve been noticing they haven’t been working well anymore. For example, sometimes it turns off when the battery is not dead. How do I know when I should get a new hearing aid? – Upgrade in Maine

Dear Upgrade,

Technology does indeed change rapidly. Just think about how many cell phones, computers or other devices you may have upgraded over those years! The same is true with hearing aid technology. 

As hearing aids are an investment, its important to always take good care of them, which it sounds like you have done! The average life expectancy of hearing aids are between five to seven years, however, some people maintain theirs for 10 to 12!

However, after seven years with the same hearing aids, the first step would be to get your hearing retested, as it is possible that your hearing has changed in this time. If your hearing has changed and the hearing aid is still working fine, then it may just need adjusting to suit your new hearing level.

The other possibility is that the hearing aid needs a repair or needs replacing.

Either way, the best option is to discuss your situation with your audiologist or hearing care professional. They can take you through updated technology in newer hearing aids, such as connectivity, automatic programming, or simply a change in size or style, and you can decide if these enhancements would benefit your life. 

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Anna is currently the Senior Audiology Manager at Phonak. She has worked in the field of audiology and hearing aids for 25 years, and is passionate about all things audiology.

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