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Ask Anna: Why do my ears ring after band practice?

why do my ears ring after band practice

Ask Anna is a weekly advice column for the hearing loss community. 

Dear Anna: I’m a 26-year-old musician and occasionally play live shows with my band. Recently I’ve noticed after the shows that I have ringing in my ear. I remember this phenomenon from when I would go to concerts as a teenager, but it always went away after a couple hours. But, I’ve recently heard stories of other musicians having ringing in their ears that never goes away. Why do my ears ring after practice?  Is it too late to save my hearing? – Music to my Ears in Vancouver 

Dear Music,

The ringing you experience after exposing your ears to loud noise is very common.  It does not indicate that you will eventually develop a permanent ringing in your ears (also known as tinnitus), however, it does indicate is that the noise level is too high.

To prevent any permanent damage to your ears you need to protect them against loud noise. There are many different types of ear plugs either over the counter or custom made that you can purchase to lower the level of sound reaching your eardrum. There are also ear plugs specially designed for musicians to wear while performing.

Here are a selection of possible ear protection, from Hear the World Foundation:

Speak to a hearing care professional to find out what type of solution would be best for you. 

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