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April 10, 2019
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April 12, 2019

Watch: A Day in the Life of a Teen Musician with Hearing Loss

Whether he is playing the trumpet, making salsa with his family or competing in DECA competition, Finn’s hearing aids play a huge role in every aspect of his life.

Finn wears Phonak Marvel hearing aids and explains how they affect his everyday life, especially as a teen musician with hearing loss.

“So far the Marvels have been great,” Finn explains. “I love them streaming capabilities of them. The sound quality is just so much more clear. And even my voice sounds much more natural and true to actually how it sounds.”

Finn’s hearing aids help in hear in difficult environments, such as at his job at a smoothie shop.

“Like I am working in a smoothie shop and there’s blenders going, there’s music playing and I can turn that setting on and I can hear people no problem,” he says.

Not only do his hearing aids help him every day, but Finn considers them to be a part of his identity.

“I feel like my hearing aids have made me who I am,” Finn proudly says. “Everyone’s different in every other way, it’s not like there’s anything wrong with me or better. It just is who I am. So I accept my hearing aids, I know they’re a great thing in my life.”

A hard of hearing musician and businessman!

Finn is a trumpet player and music is one of his passions. Not only does Finn show us his different trumpets, but he also gives us a short glimpse at how he plays the trumpet private.

“The biggest challenge of being a hard of hearing musician is probably being able to understand everything happening around me,” Finn says. “One of the problems I have for example, in jazz band, I can’t even hear the bass player. And that’s essential to keeping time, soloing, the bass player ties together the band.”

To solve this, Finn has used his hearing technology, including his ComPilot and Roger Select, in creative ways to hear different ensembles in the band and the director.

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Detroit Salsa company salsa. Finn runs a business with his family making salsa for the Detroit area, which is another one of his major hobbies. He came up with the business idea himself and works with his family to sell the salsa in eight stores.

“The one quote I follow every day of my life is, ‘I came, I saw, I conquered.’ I like to make sure I make a statement, I am who I am, and I do my best.

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