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BTS gives deaf people everywhere ‘Permission to Dance’

BTS sign language
The South Korean boyband, BTS, have thrilled deaf and hard of hearing fans everywhere by including hand gestures in their newest single, “Permission to Dance.”

The song, which was released July 9, is climbing the Bilboard’s Top 100 charts. Reports expect it will replace the current #1 spot, “Butter,” also by BTS. It currently has 157 million views on YouTube.

BTS music video with Sign Language

According to fans, the music video for BTS’ song “Permission to Dance” features special choreography that can be recognized as “international sign language.”

While there is no globally recognized sign language, the hand movements portrayed in the song can be easily recognizable as “to have fun,” to dance” and “peace.”

BTS connects with their deaf fans

It’s not the first time the K-pop septet has connected with their D/deaf and hard-of-hearing fans. In March, member Taehyung was celebrated for cheering in sign language during a graduation speech. He has also used the sign language hand sign for “together” during a concert.

While they might not be able to connect in the 300+ sign languages globally, fans are happy to see the band communicate with them in their own way.

Sign language in music videos

BTS isn’t the only music group to reach out to their deaf fans. Last year, Kelly Clarkson released her song “I Dare You,” on National Sign Language Day. In the video, she and famous deaf individuals use American Sign Language.

“The song is about love, in all of its forms in the face of adversity and choosing to love instead of fear,” she said in an interview with One Country.

Watch: Kelly Clarkson releases new ASL video for song ‘I Dare You’

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